Jharkhand's MLAs Super Rich And Criminal
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Jharkhand's MLAs super rich and criminal

It's not just cricket. The BJP has queered the pitch in Jharkhand by giving Shibu Soren the numbers needed to form the Government. Soren will take oath on Wednesday, despite these alarming statistics:

* 59 of Jharkhand's 81 MLAs have criminal cases pending against them
* 26 MLAs are accused of murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping and theft
* 21 MLAs are crorepatis
* Assets of MLAs have grown 262% since 2005

Soren himself has been convicted in a murder case, and is accused in several cases of corruption.

Independent MLA Bandhu Tirkey, who has offered unconditional support to the BJP-JMM combine, is accused of murder. More seriously, he is a co-accused along with former Chief Minister Madhu Koda, in a money laundering case worth 4,000-crore rupees. "This is all a political conspiracy. Let the authorities investigate charges against me and send me to jail. I am not scared," says Tirkey.

All-Jharkhand Students Union's (AJSU) Sudesh Mahto is preparing to be Soren's deputy in the Cabinet. He has been promised the post in exchange for the support of his five MLAs. Though among the richest MLAs, Mahto is being accused of selling his support. "There is no deal. All I want is a stable government in Jharkhand," he says, toeing the same line as the BJP.

But while these facts and figures on Jharkhand's politicians may shock many, the ground reality is that they are almost a way of life. And with those involved merely passing the buck, it seems these trends will continue over the years to come.


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