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Jodhpur is a legendary princely city that receives travelers from all over India as well as the world. There are several different hotels that are located in the city that cater to these varied travelers. However, the heritage hotels in the city of Jodhpur provide an ultimate travel experience. Jodhpur hotels are renowned for their hospitality and they believe that a guest is akin to God. The heritage hotels take this to a whole new level and provide unmatched customized and personal services. There are a whole range of heritage Jodhpur hotels to choose from in the city.

More often than not heritage hotels are quite small and they only have a limited number of rooms. This ensures that they are able to provide 24 hour service to the guests. Every need of the guests is taken care of by the heritage hotels in Jodhpur. Some of the heritage hotels that are located in the city of Jodhpur are the Ratan Vilas, Polo Heritage and Megh Niwas.

Ratan Vilas is located in building that built in the early 19th century and it has a delicate exterior with beautiful carvings. The interiors are simple and elegant and guests can have a calm and peaceful stay at this heritage hotel. This is one of the most genuine heritage hotels in the city of Jodhpur. The hotel has a small and pristine garden where guests can engage in bird watching. This tranquil setting is sure to bring peace to the soul. The hotel has a restaurant that serves both traditional food as well as continental cuisine.

The produce that is grown in the garden is used for cooking and the ingredients are completely organic. The hotel also organizes jeep safaris to most of the nearby villages and guests can witness traditional village life on a first hand basis. There are a host of modern amenities that can be found here and this includes travel desk facilities, doctor on call facilities, laundry facilities and car rental facilities. The hotel has a homely atmosphere as well.

The Megh Niwas Hotel is another important heritage hotel in the city. The hotel has a traditional setting that provides a tranquil atmosphere. The roof top restaurant has a stunning view of the Umed Bhawan, Mehrangargh Fort and the city. Guests are treated to a wide range of Rajasthani dishes as well. The hotel also serves continental food.

The heritage hotels of the city are one of a kind and these are places that travelers must stay in at least once in a lifetime.

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