Jodhpur Hotels - Palace And Infinite Luxury
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Many palaces and forts in Jodhpur have been turned into some of the finest Jodhpur hotels. Jodhpur is known for the numerous palaces and havellis that were built by the Rajputs and many of them have been converted into world class luxury hotels and boutique hotels. These hotels offer some of the best personalized service and the staff is trained to cater to every need of the guests.

Continuing the Rajput traditions guests are considered are God and the hospitality is unmatched. Many of the luxury palace hotels are surrounded by gardens and lakes. There are stunning views from most of the palace hotels and guests can see many temples, lakes and other ancient buildings. The splendor and history of the city can be experienced in the palace hotels.

The Taj Hari Mahal, Umaid Bhawan Palace and The Gateway Hotel are some of the most luxurious hotels in Jodhpur. The service is extremely personalized the cuisine is prepared according to the tastes of the guests. Guests can choose which type of cuisine they require. The hotels specialize in providing traditional Indian and Rajasthani cuisine.

They also provide other types of cuisine that is famous all around the world, in order to cater to their foreign tourists and travelers.

Umaid Bhawan Palace is located above the high city of Jodhpur on a hill and is one of few great palaces that are left in the country. The hotel is set in surroundings of many acres of gardens and these gardens are host to many traditional folk dance shows. The hotel is set on a grand scale and guests are made to feel like Maharajas. The interiors are plush and follow the Deco style and the murals and frescoes are original. The palace still serves as the residence of the royal family and guests can brush with royalty for the duration of the stay. The palace is a combination of Indian and a western style as it was built a British architect.

A stay in one of these hotels will be enough to convince you that you are living in paradise on earth. While opting for a hotel in the city of Jodhpur, it is essential to make sure that you book your rooms well in advance. During the peak season, when tourists swarm to the city of Jodhpur, they will normally opt for the luxury hotels and resorts as these are the air conditioned ones available.

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