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Many of the middle aged people are facing the problem of join pain. The severe pain will make them suffer a lot in their daily activities.

Many of the middle aged people are facing the problem of join pain. The severe pain will make them suffer a lot in their daily activities. There are many herbal remedies that are used for relieving the arthritis or join pain for many years. Many of them have amazing effects to cure the pain and the inflammation instantly.

Types of join pain

• Osteoarthritis

• Gout

• Rheumatoid arthritis

Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

Castor oil-

Castor oil is also beneficial for treating arthritis. Warm castor oil may be directly applied on inflamed joints to get immediate relief, two tablespoon of castor oil may be added to fresh orange juice and taken every morning to combat arthritis symptoms, two teaspoon of castor oil may be added to a cup of ginger tea and taken every night before going to bed.

It will give relief from the ailing symptoms of arthritis. The arthritis patient may also cover the affected joint with flannel cloth dipped in hot castor oil, and apply an electric heating pad at least for 30 minutes. This will reduce joint swelling.

Avocado and soybean oil –

Reduces the pain and improves the sufferers ability to move around

Rumatone gold oil-

Rumatone gold oil available in market has anti-inflammatory properties. It is helpful for arthritis. This massage oil not only treats inflamed joints but also relaxes muscle around joints. This herbal preparation is good for aching joints.

Olive oil –

This is an affordable and at hand remedy. Massage with warm olive oil reduces pain. If you mix it with kerosene oil, you also obtain an effective home remedy.

Vinegar –

Massage the painful joints with warm vinegar every night before going to sleep

Boswelia –

It has a strong anti-inflammatory action that is also obtained if taking non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It has no side effects if used for a prolonged period of time.

Devil's claw –

It has an anti-inflammatory action and sufferers should take doses of 1 gram two times a day

Omega -

Omega -3 fatty acids act as anti- inflammatory supplement to decrease pain and swelling. You can find them in fish oils which are the best source of omega-3, but they can also be found in walnut, flaxseed, borage, grape-seed and primrose oils. Get one tablespoon of oil or 2-3 capsules two periods every day.

Vitamin B-

A healthy vegetarian diet low in arachidonic acid and high in calcium and vitamin B complex also reduces pain significantly. These natural health remedies include such things as dark green leafy vegetables, garlic, shiitake mushroom, whole grains and fresh fruits (especially pineapple, papaya, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries as these are antioxidant compounds).

Essential oils-

Essential oils such as ginger, lavender and eucalyptus oil are very good for arthritis massage. A few drops of essential oil may be added to carrier oils like apricot or almond, and used for massaging twice a day. Apart from relieving pain, the soft, sweet aroma emanated by the pure essential oils, soothes and relaxes the mind.

Very Popular Yoga for Joint Pain

Ashtanga yoga - is practised by many of us who are too busy for the slower, more contemplative practises. It is vigorous and athletic and has a fast pace of movements and many yoga classes and DVDs now use the Ashtanga yoga method. I would strongly advise you to approach it with great care and stop immediately if you notice any pain or strain whilst doing the asanas. This was the method that hurt my back the most, with pain both in the waist and pelvic area.

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    After reading your blog, I have known about natural treatment of joint pain. Essential oil are very good when massage daily around painful area. Ashtanga yoga must also be practiced regularly for greater effect. Regards, pure essential oils