Joint Pain Relief/ Natural Arthritis Treatment
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Many of the most effective natural remedies were actually the basis for the development of the more recognized medicinal options that are currently the trend. Natural joint pain relief can take many different forms. The most commonly understood type of natural joint pain relief f refers to natural substances, usually derived from plants that help to alleviate pain.

What Causes of Joint Pain/Arthritis?

The cause of arthritis joint pain is unknown, but most scientists believe that heredity and lifestyle choices play a major role.

Although the exact causes are unknown, there are risk factors that have been established. Following are these risk factors: • Gender - You are more likely to develop arthritis if you are female than if you are male. Men are less susceptible to osteoarthritis and related conditions.

• Weight - The heavier you are, the more stress you put on your joints. Therefore, you are more likely to develop a condition than someone who is not putting as much pressure on his or her weight-bearing joints. • Increased Age - Studies show that your risk of developing joint pain and arthritis goes up as you get older. • Lifestyle/Work - Heavy lifting can stress joints and lead to joint pain and injury. If your job entails heavy lifting, or if you work out with big weights, you are more apt to develop a joint condition.

Do yourself a favor the next time you are looking for natural arthritis treatments, compare ingredients from different bottles or liquids and make sure they contain these ingredients:

• Vitamin B3 • Vitamin C • Glucosamine • Calcium • Turmeric • Brome lain • Devil's Claw • Magnesium

Natural Treatment for Joint Pain/ Arthritis: -

• Grind four peeled pieces of garlic, along with two grams of Sprague. Dip this mixture in 30 grams mustard oil and heat, on low flame, for 1-2 minutes. Massage the aching joints with this oil, after cooling it down, to get relief from pain and swelling. • Drinking 15 grams of fresh bathu juice daily with an empty stomach without adding any salt or sugar. It will help in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. • An efficient home remedy for arthritis would be to have fresh potato juice in the morning. The juice should comprise of 50 percent potato juice and 50 percent water. • Massage the affected joint area with herbal oil slowly and gently. It will help in the movement of joint and also relieve pain • Aloe Vera for Burns - Sometimes studies tells us what we already know. Aloe vera is the herb for minor burns, a fact that was confirmed most recently in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. Keep a potted aloe on your kitchen sill; it requires no care beyond weekly watering. For minor burns, snip off a thick leaf and slit it open; scoop out the gel from the inner leaf and apply to the burn.

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