Jokes With Double Meanings (13+)
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A Little Girl Whn Askd Her Name, Wud Rply-"I'm Mr. David's Daughter" Her Mother Told Her This Was Wrong, She Must Say-"I'm Jenifer David" The Vicar Spoke 2 Her In Sunday School & Said "Aren't U Mr. David's Daughter?" Wid Her Mom Standing Jst Away, She Replied "I Thought I Was Bt Mummy Says I'm Not" ;->

A man goin 2 his work, Another man asks: "Kahan ja raha hy bhai?" 2nd rplied: Yar kaarkhany ja rha hon 1st: Aby ghr me khana nhi pkta jo Car khany ja rha hy ;->

Pehli dfa insan jub dalta he to nervous hota he- Ahista se ander dalo to phisal k pura ander chala jata he- phir ajibo gharib awaze aane lag jati hen-

lakin aap bilkul nahi ghabrana, confidence se lage rehna aur us waqt tak na nikalna jub tak kam pura nahi ho jata.

ATM CARD atm machine se.

Diagram in a book was not clear.. So,madam drew a diagram on a Blackboard and announced

"Dont look at a book Figure, Look at my Figure!!" ;->

1 lrki zor zor sy gana ga rhi thi MJHAY RANG DAY.



Lrki ki maa ne usay boht mara.


Kyun k lrki totli thi. .

A TC in a train fines 400 for no ticket.

He charged 1st girl Rs 300 who was wearing sleevless Rs 200 to 2nd who was wearing sleevles &backless Rs100 to 3rd who ws wearing sleevless, backless and a mini skirt

He charged Rs 0 to the 4th one...


U Dirty mind...

She had the ticket!!!


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