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A daughter sends a telegram to her father on her clearing B.Ed exams, which the father receives as : "Father, your daughter has been successful in BED."

A husband, while he is on a business trip to a hill station sends a telegram to his wife : "I wish you were here." The message received by wife: "I wish you were her."

A wife with near maturing pregnancy goes to railway station to return to her husband. At the reservation counter, while her turn came, it was the last ticket.
Taking pity on a very old lady next to her in the queue, she offered her berth to the old lady and sent a telegram to her husband which reached as:"Shall be coming tomorrow, heavy rush in the train, gave birth to an old lady."

A man wants to celebrate his wife's Birthday by throwing a party. So he goes to order a birthday cake. The salesman asks him what message he wants to put on the cake.
Well, he thinks for a while and says: let's put, "you are not getting older you are getting better". The salesman asks "how do you want me to put it?"
The man says, Well, put "You are not getting older", at the top and "You are getting better" at the bottom. The real fun didn't start until the cake was opened.
The entire party watched the message decorated on the
cake: "You are not getting older at the top, You are getting better at the bottom".

A man from Agra went to Ajmer. His wife was in her parent's house in Delhi. When the man went to Ajmer, he asked his servant to send a telegram to his wife indicating about his trip to Ajmer. He sent a telegram. When the wife received the telegram, she fainted.
It was written: "sethji aaj mar gaye !" ( Sethji Ajmer
gaye ).

Class Defined In C++

struct female_professionals
 double styles;
 short skirts;
 long timetounderstand_problems;
 float mind;
 void knowledge;
 char non_co-operative;

struct married_females
 double weight;
 short tempered;
 long gossip;
 float hopes;
 void word;
 char unstable;

struct engaged_females
 double timeonphone;
 short attentiononwork;
 long boast;
 float oncloudnine;
 void understanding;
 char edgy;

struct newlymarriedfemales
 double dinner_invitation;
 short timeatwork;
 long lunch_break;
 void bank_balance;
 char hen_pecked;

struct husbandwifeprofessionals
 double income;
 short tempered;
 long timenoseeeachother;
 void love_life;
 char money-making;



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