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Jorhat, the former capital of Ahom kingdom is an important tourist destination located on the north eastern part of Assam. Jorhat with Sivasagar city on one end and Kaziranga National Park on the other end fulfills your dream vacation. Jorhat travel guide is well equipped with amazing sight seeing options winning the hearts of tourists.

Majuli Island and Kaziranga National Park are two best known attractive spots highlighting Jorhat tourism. Land holds a good number of luxury inns and hotels for assisting tourists. Traditional Assamese Thali is special dish exclusively delivered in Jorhat hotels. Jorhat, enriched with great culture and heritage is a best choice for your tour trip. Vast area of beautiful tea gardens adds glitter to the beautiful landscape of Jorhat.

Now, let's see the details of some of the scenic spots in Jorhan city. Majuli Island, stretching an area of 1080 sq km is one among the most widely visited tourist places in Jorhat. Studies say that, Majuli Island is the largest river island in the whole world. This island located in the middle of Brahmaputra valley is also considered as the largest inhabited riverine island in the world.

Ras Purnima Festival days is the best time period for visiting Majuli Island. Ras Purnima festival, celebrated during the month of Karthik is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Festival attracts thousands of visitors to Jorhat enhancing Jorhat tourism. On this special occasion, every single person in Majuli Island is involved in celebrations.

Majuli Island can also be considered as the cradle of Assamese civilization. You can locate here a cluster of 'Satras' or monasteries built by saints. Currently, there are only 22 Satras present on the island. Viewing these interesting tourist places helps in better knowing of Jorhat culture and heritage.

Jorhat Gymkhana is a favourite destination for adventure and sports lovers. Interesting leisure activities conducted in this tourist place makes the land a perfect place for spending your spare time. Golf, tennis, billiard and races are some of the gaming facilities housed in Jorhat Gymkhana. This tourist place in Jorhat travel guide is one among the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Building was built in the year 1885 and is considered as one of the oldest clubs of India.

In earlier times, it was started as a recreational option for tea planters. Gymkhana club with 9-hole golf course is regarded as the world’s third oldest golf course. Today, Gymkhana club holds every modern facility like swimming pool, cinema theatre and polo for enjoying your spare time. Annual pony race conducted in this tourist place grab the hearts of visitors and improve Jorhat tourism to heights.

Dhekiakhowa Bar Namghar in Jorhat is one of the hot tourist spots coming under the list of Jorhat travel guide. This tourist destination built by Saint Madhavdeb is a prayer hall used by Hindus. Studies say that, it took 42 years to complete this majestic hall. You can watch here an ancient throne with religious book, idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ananta. Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary stretching an area of 1915 hectors is another tourist place promoting Jorhat tourism. Exotic wildlife species found in Gibbon wildlife sanctuary captures the eyes of tourists. Slow loris, hoolock gibbon, capped langur and leopards are some of the rare animal species found in this wildlife sanctuary. Journey exploring these sight seeing options in Jorhat assures you an adventurous and exciting tour trip.

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    Last month I was in Assam. The travel experience of Assam is very nice. There are number of places in Assam to travel. Jorhat is one of the most famous tourist destination of Assam. It's really a great place for tours. The Assam tour is one of my best tour.