Journalists Blast V Hanumantha Rao
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Journalists Blast V Hanumantha Rao

V Hanumantha Rao, the senior Congress leader had a tough time today in dealing with the journalists. Perhaps for the first time, the journalists of Sakshi, Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy, Varta and Deccan Chronicle came together for a common cause. Today VHR convened a meeting on the Lagadapati issue. Here is the conversation between the journalists and VHR.

VHR : What is the need for Lagadapati to come to Hyderabad? The police should have prevented him from coming to Hyderabad.

Journalists : Is Hyderabad in Pakistan? Why should anyone prevent an Indian and that too a Telugu person from coming to Hyderabad?

VHR : No. I mean, when he is receiving good treatment in Vijayawada, then why was he shifted to Hyderabad. And what is the need for him to escape from Vijayawada and come to NIMS?

Journalist : You supported KCR when he tried to run from the hospital in Khammam. Then why are you opposing Lagadapati when he did the same?

VHR : If Lagadapati is in the NIMS, then the peaceful atmosphere in Hyderabad vanish.

Journalists : Then what about KCR? Even yesterday he made many statements against the Andhra people. Why don't you speak against him too?

VHR : The Andhra settlers in Hyderabad may feel unsafe if Lagadapati is in Hyderabad.

Journalists : If you call Andhra who are in Hyderabad as settlers then how do you call Sonia Gandhi who came from Italy? And the Andhra people are not living at your mercy for you to worry at their security.

When V Hanumantha realized that the situation is getting out of his hands, he abruptly called off the press conference. He was obviously taken aback by such journalists.



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  • Sunny 9 years ago
    I request VH as you stated in a Tv stating you've 100 crores properties in Telangana. Why don't u sacrifice for poor telangana people??