Just Think...
Chaitanya Dev • on 10 years ago • 2 min read

Well all my life I have lived has been ordinary. No achievements, no excitements, nothing. Achievements is the only topic which remains the shortest in every resume I make. I am totally confused and in the state of mental apprehension for what I should do to make that topic presentable. Once i thought of writing a book on this problematic point of view but escaped the idea because people won't understand the baffling situations I am facing in my thought processes. I have started a new book on my story till yet and would be adding new experiences timely as this phase of my life is teaching me new lessons on its structural cofiguration from the intellectual point of view. The thought processes have been confined to gather more and more new ideas which will surely create wonders if this book is allowed to publish. I know people would assume me as an amateur, who didn't know anything about his future and had such a pilferage in his thought process, how would I cope up ewith the expectations of the readers to meet their intellectual starvation. But this time I am very clear about my intentions and seriously want to convey my view on my life, my apprehensions, how I coped up all of them and my fantasies for the life I am living now. I still don't know if anybody would be ready to publish the lines which I am writing by putting all my heart and soul to it but there is ray of hope which incorporates confidence in me to continue the magic I am creating. Regards.


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