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Kalimpong holiday packages are widely known because of the beautiful views and flowers that can be admired in this hill resort. There are also historical monuments and monasteries that can be visited. Kalimpong holiday packages take tourists to the West Bengal state. The resort is only 50 kilometers away from Darjeeling and this famous tourist destination is easy accessible for those who take Kalimpong tour packages.

The view is spectacular and the flowers that can be seen all over the place make Kalimpong holiday packages a delight. The Himalayans are very close and they can be admired from various points. Museums and monasteries are one of the most important attractions of Kalimpong holiday packages. The best view of the mountains can be admired from Durpin Dhara. This is the highest point in Kalimpong. Tourists can see the Teesta River and the plains that surround it in all their beauty. The Zong Dog Parli Monastery is also located here and it is visited by all those who take Kalimpong tour packages. The monastery pays tribute to Dalai Lama and Tibetan wall paintings can be admired. The monastery hosts 108 volumes of Kanguyar that were brought by Dalai Lama from Tibet. It is also an excellent point for admiring the valleys and the mountains in the area.

Other monasteries that can be seen on Kalimpong tour packages are Tongsha Gompa and Lepcha Monastery. The first one is the oldest monastery in the area and it was built in 1692. It was restored many times ever since and it is also know as the Bhutan Monastery. It needs to be included in all Kalimpong tour packages because it is a veritable symbol of the past of this area. Lepcha Monastery also hosts a museum dedicated to Lepcha community. This is the first community that populated Kalimpong and it is nowadays a minority. A visit to this museum during Kalimpong holiday packages is important for those who want to know more about the history of Kalimpong.

The region is renowned for its flowers and many of the exotic flowers here are shipped all over the country. Kalimpong holiday packages are not complete if they don't include a visit at the flower nurseries. Neora Valley National Park is also worth a visit during Kalimpong tour packages because tourists get the chance to admire a variety of plants and animals species. Himalayan bears and tigers can be seen in this zone which is know as the one with the biggest biodiversity in northern India.

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