Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages For Romantic Couple
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Kalimpong is a peaceful and beautiful place. You should spend your honeymoon trip in the orchids and nurseries of Kalimpong along with your new life partner and also with Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages. You will enjoy the great views of the Himalayas and also of some beautiful monasteries and churches. Kalimpong is a pristine hill station which is about 50 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is situated in the state of West Bengal.

You will enjoy here the attractive flowers while walking along the road. Visiting this hill station with your new life partner will give you the experience of the great panoramic views and the environment full of fragrances of flowers. You can explore this city easily and comfortably with Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages. Some of the important places of this beautiful hill station are:

1. Thongsha Gompa: This monastery was made in 1962, during the Bhutanese period. It is known as the Bhutan Monastery and it is the oldest monastery. You should visit this important and ancient monastery with your new life partner and Kalompong Honeymoon Packages.

2. Durpin Dhara: This spot is the highest point in Kalimpong. It is a beautiful destination and it also provides spectacular views of the plains around and the Teesta River. Here there is monastery situated which is known as Zong Dog Palri.

3. Lepcha Museum and Monastery: It is a museum which shows the culture of the Lepcha community. This museum displays the ethnic treasures, musical instruments, manuscripts and also the tools used in the olden days. This museum also reveals the glories of the past. You should visit this place by booking your honeymoon trip with Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages.

4. Flower Nurseries: Kalimpong is famous for flowers as it is a flower producing centre in India. Here flowers are generated in huge quantities. From here many exotic flowers are exported to other parts of India. You should book your honeymoon trip with Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages and enjoy the beautiful and enchanting flower nurseries.

5. Crockety: This spot is a colonial bungalow. This bungalow was built in 18th century and it is famous for its architecture. This bungalow is open for public viewing.

6. Neora Valley National Park: There are many different kinds of animals in this national park like tiger, wild dog, Himalayan black beer etc. this national park is one of the richest biological zones in north east India. You should not miss the opportunity to visit this place with Kalimpong Honeymoon Packages.

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