Kama Sutra: Pleasures And Positions In Love
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Know when to say stop to the routine! To spice up your lovemaking, Doctissimo offers more than 75 sexual positions. From classical to more acrobatic discover new sensations. A kamasutra not to be missed!

  1. Roulette Kama Sutra: - Know when to say stop to the routine! To spice up your lovemaking, Doctissimo you to the sexiest of all wheels. Let the random choice of over 40 positions from classic to most acrobatic! A game to keep.

  2. The classical positions Kamasutra: - As in all areas, there is love in the "classics." If you start your sex life or miss a bit of daring, these positions will start easily. Indulge yourself with this essential pleasure.


  1. Kamasutra: positions face to face: - If you like to face, eye to eye, here are some easy to make changes. These positions will delight those that view the body of the other transports of delight. New sensations at the rendezvous.
  1. Kamasutra: positions back: - At certain sexual practices, the woman has her back to her partner. If the greyhound is the best known, there are very many. Learn without waiting for these changes that can spice up your sex life.

  2. Kamasutra: The woman above: - Today the positions where the woman is over do not shock as was the case for centuries. All changes to let women run the show.

  3. Sexual positions sitting or kneeling: -e can multiply the possibilities just by allowing one or both partners to sit or kneel. You doubt? Check out this amazing Kamasutra.

  4. Standing Positions – Kamasutra: - To break the routine, the partners can make love standing up. Based on the walls or furniture, these positions can vary the pleasures or to accommodate a smaller space ... A record for the adventurous sex.

  5. Acrobatic sexual positions: - It is not given to everyone to experience these feelings there! Squirting mobilizing all his muscles for the effort is not easy but the other athletes and acrobats of love will not resist these forbidden games.

  6. Oral sex and kamasutra: - Love face-to-one, face-to-face back-to-back ... And if you take a turn to the pleasures unpublished? For those who are fully prepared to eat the apple, the pleasure is sometimes found on the tip of my tongue.

  7. Masturbation and Kamasutra: - Because the penetration is not the only path to pleasure, the Kamasutra has explored other avenues and among them, masturbation is not necessarily selfish. Discover different ways to take your pleasure (or your partner) Charge!

  8. Kamasutra with accessories: - Want to frolic outside the bed become too routine? There is no need to invest in expensive accessories. A rocking chair, a chair, a pool ... may be sufficient to transform your lovemaking into an unforgettable experience.

  9. Kamasutra for pregnancy: - Making love at the right time, adopt the best positions are assets to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If this is making love to a baby, here are the exclusive 5 positions to join the business with pleasure.

  10. Kamasutra of pregnancy: - While many cultures and religions have banned sex during pregnancy, doctors agree: sexual fulfillment poses no danger to the mother and her unborn child. So why miss out?

  11. Story of the Kamasutra: - But really, what is a Kama-Sutra? Advice love does not date women's magazines or the sexual revolution! At the beginning of our era, attention was already disclosed suggestions for something different!

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