Kanyakumari Hotels - Guarded By Oceanic Delights
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Being the southernmost tip of the country, Kanyakumari hold an enigma of its own. The hotels in Kanyakumari too offer excellent accommodation and comfort.

Almost all the hotels in the city are sea facing and thus provide stunning views of the popular sunset and sunrise. Some of the most popular hotels to stay in Kanyakumari are Hotel Parvathi International, Hotel Sun World, Sparsa Resorts and Hotel Singaar International. Most of these premium hotels offer excellent services along with world class amenities and recreational activities.

Plan a stay at the private suite in the Sparsa resorts and you can enjoy private plunge pools. The hotel also boasts of offering some of the finest cuisines in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari hotels are ideal for hosting big corporate events as well. The exceptionally well service provided by these hotels is sure to win the hearts of both the domestic as well as international traveller. The elegant interiors of the hotels is a must watch. Kanyakumari is a unique location and it invites pilgrims and adventure seekers alike.

Staying at the Indien Hermitage resort, located in a small village called Marungoor, is a wonderful holiday idea. Sprawling on a wide area, there is small cottages of mud and brick, where in people can enjoy staying. The greenery around is soothing to the eyes. The restaurant in the resort is an added bonus. One can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding while savouring the succulent north and south Indian food.

As far as budget hotels are concerned, plan a stay at the Hotel Sea View which offers magnificent view of the sea and the beach. The hotel is clean and comfortable and the service is good. For enigmatic sunrise views you can book yourself in the Manickham tourist Home.

Kanyakumari marks the end of India and the hotels of the city enjoy the unpremeditated advantage of being enveloped by three oceans, thus becoming a favorite place to sojourn.

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