Kanyakumari - Resorts Near The High Tide
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Kanyakumari hotels have a fine blend of quality and simplicity. Most of the hotels in Kanyakumari are renowned for their quality of service while at the same time they fit the budget of every type of traveler. Some of the renowned resorts that are available in Kanyakumari are the Parvathi International Kanyakumari, Hotel Cape Residency, Sparsa Resort Kanyakumari, Indian Heritage and Sea View. Most of these hotels have rooms that offer excellent accommodation and rooms are open to sea and provide some of the best views of the sunset and sunrise in the country.

As Kanyakumari is located along the cape many of these resorts are renowned for their panoramic views. You can take a walk down the pristine beaches during the evening and you can even go for an early morning jog.

The Indian Hermitage Hotel is situated in green hills and the architecture is in typical South Indian style. The hotel offers quintessential South Indian hospitality and they are renowned for the excellent sea food.

You can try out the various South Indian delicacies during your stay in these hotels, as the food provided inthese hotels is top notch. International cuisine is also provided for foreign nationals and tourists from abroad.

Kanyakumari is home to many three star hotels and they are some of best options. These hotels offer high quality services at accommodative prices and they are located in various places from the sea shore to amidst green coconut plantations. Hotel Tri Sea, Hotel Maadhini and Hotel Singar International are some of the best all around hotels in Kanyakumari.

They provide spacious and neat rooms at reasonable prices. These three star hotels are also known for their food and guests can be prepared for some sumptuous South Indian fare. Rooms in these hotels are all very well equipped, with constant internet connectivity and direct dialing telephones. Wi-Fi services are available in these hotels, and all you will need is a laptop in order to access the internet throughout the week without a break.

There are numerous budget hotels that are available in Kanyakumari and many of them are suited to the needs of the regular tourist. Many of these hotels provide clean rooms and good hospitality. Budget hotels in Kanyakumari are generally renowned for providing value for money. Some of the budget hotels are The Gopi Nivas Grand Hotel, Lakshmi Tourist Home, Triveni Tourist Home Hotel, Hotel Sangam and The Hotel Pushpak.

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