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Kapalbhati is one of the best yoga techniques that have been given to us by sages of India. It is a gift to humanity. The idea is simple, breathe in normally and exhale forcibly allowing the stomach to collapse. Do it for 10 minutes and feel the difference within days.

Kapalbhati is one of my favorite pranayamas. Kapalbhati is a subcategory of Pranayama that comes in the 3rd chapter of "Pantajali Yogdarshan". Amongst the several Pranayamic exercises and techniques; Kapalbhati is noteworthy as Kapalbhati is an exercise the practice of which imparts glow to the skull; a cleansing process which brightens the forehead. Kapalbhati is a pranayama technique which invigorates the entire brain and awakens the dormant centers that are responsible for subtle perception.

Although performing kapalbhati is basically quite straight forward, it is important that it is performed correctly in order to obtain the best results. It includes breathing slowly as usual and then forcing the breath outside. A major effect of kapalbhati is to increase air pressure in short bursts in the nasal pharynx and sinuses, which stimulates the forward part of the brain. However, if both nostrils are blocked, Kapalbhati cannot be done. The technique uses short and strong forceful exhalations while inhalation happens automatically.

Kapalbhati is theretofore a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise as it causes the stomach to collapse as the exhalations are forced. Kapalbhati is a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise. Kapalbhati could be done as fast as two strokes in a second. Kapalbhati is the one major yogic breathing technique capable of expelling toxins from the lungs. Though kapalbhati is usually done sitting down, it can be practiced standing up.

This pranayama technique actually invigorates the brain and cleanses the mind. I think Kapalbhati is the one that helps me most. Baba Ramdev is a great proponent of the Kapalbhati and suggests at least 10-15 minutes a day to get rewards.

Benefits of Kapalabhati:

1) Kapalabhati cleanses the lungs and entire respiratory system.

2) The blood is purified and body gets an increased supply of oxygen to all cells.

3) Digestion is improved.

4) Abdominal muscles are strengthened.

5) Prepare the mind for meditation.

6) Energize the mind for mental work.

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama:

1) Sit in comfortable crossed leg position with Back straight. Hands resting on knees in either chin or gyana mudra. Face to be relaxed.

2) Inhale deeply through nostril, expanding abdomen and exhale with the forceful contraction of abdominal muscles. (Pull the abdomen in by quickly contracting the abdominal muscles and exhale through the nose). The air is pushed out of lungs by contraction of the diaphragm.

3) After exhalation again inhalation but inhalation should not involve any effort. To inhale just relax and the lungs will automatically expand and filled with air.

One can begin with 15 respirations. After completing 15 quick exhalation and natural inhalation inhale and exhale deeply. This is one round. One can start the practice of Kapalbhati pranayama with 3 such rounds for practice.

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