KCR And Lagadapati's War Of Words
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

KCR and Lagadapati's War of Words

KCR today continued his tirade against the Andhra leaders. He said that the students and other people participated in the "Samaikya Andhra" because the leaders were giving money. Lagadapati replied to this by saying that students are like gods whether in Telangana or Andhra they cannot be bought.

He also said that CBN, Chiru and Lagadapati are like "whores" for speaking against the statehood of Telangana. Lagadapati replied to this by saying that if a person is bad he thinks everyone else are bad. So this "whore" thing applies to KCR and not them.

KCR claimed today that the "Samaikya Andhra" agitation is an artificial one which was raised by politicians. Lagadapati replied later in Vijayawada by saying that it is not "Samaikya Andhra" but "Jai Telangana" which was artificial as it was started by an unemployed politician like KCR.

KCR claimed that the Congress High Command has given it a word on Telangana. However Lagadapati said that the High Command has reversed their decision after seeing the amount of backlash from the Andhra and the Seema regions.

The KCR vs Lagadapati war of words would not die down so easily. This would go on for sometime more.



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