KCR Gets Jittery. Plans Bus Yatra
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

KCR Gets Jittery. Plans Bus Yatra

The TRS supremo KCR is planning to conduct a bus rally throughout the Telangana regions covering the nine districts of Telangana and also Hyderabad. After indications coming from the New Delhi that the UPA government may either keep Andhra Pradesh as a single state or separate the Telangana state with making Hyderabad as a separate state or an Union Territory.

The Congress High Command is planning such a move so that it can keep its promise and also keep the Andhra and the Telangana leaders in good humor. The Andhra and the Rayalaseema leaders are concerned about Hyderabad since it was developed by people belonging to all the three regions.

KCR will face brickbats from the Telangana people if the indications are true. So KCR is planning the yatra to get enough support though the doctors advised against it.

Other TRS sources said the 'bus yatra' was to counter the "false propaganda" by anti-Telangana forces that a majority of the people of Andhra Pradesh were against the state's division. The move has also come at a time when the 'United Andhra' movement in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions had intensified.

Meanwhile the TDP leaders began their 11-day journey from Tirupati to Srikakulam. The 'bus yatra' will cover 13 districts - four in Rayalaseema and nine in coastal Andhra.

KCR's yatra will begin on Monday. KCR would be accompanied by a team of five doctors. KCR claims that there was no need for moving a resolution in the assembly to form the new state. He threatened to initiate contempt of court against those demanding the resolution in the assembly, pointing out that when Gujarat was carved out of Maharashtra, the Supreme Court ruled that there was no need for passing a resolution in the assembly.



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