KCR Is A "Fool" To Believe Sonia Gandhi's Word
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

KCR Is A "Fool" To Believe Sonia Gandhi's Word

TRS supremo KCR is a "fool" to believe in the words of the Congress High Command feel most political analysts. After the Home Minister P Chidambaram gave the "pro Telangana" statement few days back, the TRS party and KCR are in an all time high not realizing that Sonia Gandhi made such promises before too.

For ex. during the last assembly elections Sonia Gandhi went about addressing meetings in Telangana promising separate statehood for the region. This promise was not made in the distant past but as recently as April this year. Sonia Gandhi promised the same during the 2004 elections too though the promise during the 2009 elections was more frank.

What does one infer from this? That promises made by anyone should not be trusted? Whatever the KCR or the TRS party likes to infer from all this is their own concern but most political analysts comment that KCR is being taken for a ride by the Congress High Command. Also the Congress High Command fears that in case Telangana is separated then the party would lose its base permanently in the Andhra and the Rayalaseema regions and also in the Hyderabad region which has "settlers" and the muslims (both oppose the separation) more than frank Telanganites.

Many feel that the Telangana would not come in many years to come and believe that it is time for TRS and KCR to concentrate on the development of Telangana rather than on the separate statehood issue.



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