KCR Killed Many Telangana People : Gaddar
Rekha • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

The revolutionary balladeer from Telangana, Mr Gaddar has once again hit out at KCR. After getting on KCR yesterday, today too he gave an interview to a news channel this morning.

He asked the Telangana people to note the 'stupid' tactics used by K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

He reminded that the Telangana people including students never committed suicides before KCR did the so called fast in last December. But the new trend of suicides increased only after that since KCR caused a 'fear psychosis' in the minds of the people.

Gaddar says," For his silly political ambitions, KCR took the Telangana agitation in a wrong way. He made students think that if the separate state of Telangana is not formed then the whole Telangana region would be submerged into darkness. KCR is such type of person who would not stoop to any level to get people killed for the sake of Telangana."

He also asked people to note that no Telangana political leader committed suicide for the sake of the Telangana movement.. It is only the poor students who committed suicides while these rich politicians only make use of these suicides to further their political greed.



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