KCR To Be Made Central Cabinet Minister?
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

KCR To Be Made Central Cabinet Minister?

The Central UPA government is seriously considering to induct KCR into the Union ministry. According to the hints given by the UPA government, the induction of KCR into the ministry serves two purposes. KCR can be reigned in for the time being and temporarily keep him away from the Andhra Pradesh politics. Another advantage is that the peace can be restored in Andhra Pradesh for the time being and give more space for the CM Rosaiah to concentrate on the administrative affairs.

But some Congress leaders are apprehensive of inducting him in the Central cabinet. Already Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh had enough headaches regarding the Telangana issue.

If KCR is inducted into the Union cabinet then their headaches would come daily as KCR would boggle them daily in the cabinet meetings regarding Telangana.

However the TRS sources said that they didn't officially get such offer from the UPA. They said that they would discuss on the issue after getting the offer officially from the UPA government. The TRS sources say that they are still not aware how it would be received by the Telangana people. When KCR entered the Union cabinet in 2004 he became the Central minister. But his joining the Union ministry was severely resented by many at that time and later anyway he resigned from the post.



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