KCR's Caste People Throw Garbage On Him
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KCR's Caste People Throw Garbage On Him

KCR belongs to Padmanayaka Velama caste. Padmanayaka Velamas belong to forward caste unlike Adi Velamas and Koppula Velamas (Yerram Naidu) who belong to the Backward caste category.

The Padmanayaka Velama caste has a lot of history. Kings like Tandra Papa Rayudu of Bobbili, Venkatagiri kings were Padmanayaka Velamas( Both kingdoms in non Telangana regions). The caste originally hails from the Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts. From these districts they migrated to other areas of Andhra Pradesh including the Telangana region. There are several Padmanayaka Velamas like Ex CM Vengal Rao, KVP, Chennamaneni family of Karimnagar, actor Rao Gopala Rao, MSR, etc who achieved success.

Though KCR is from Telangana, his ancestors hail from Bobbili. Similar is the case with almost all Padamnayaka Velamas of the Telangana region.

Now the caste people belonging to the coastal districts are really ashamed of him. They are especially angry that KCR is a shameless fellow for criticizing Andhra people. They reminded that his ancestors hail from Andhra region and now his is forgetting his roots and criticizing his own people . In the process several Padmanayaka Velamas from the Bobbili region have set his effigies on fire and threw garbage on him in the last few days.

His own caste people say that they are ashamed to think that KCR belongs to their caste and said that if he ever visits Bobbili then they would be ready with garbage. Well they are ready, but is KCR ready too?



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  • Ram Jaffa 4 years ago

    Haha! guys I dont think who ever posted this has enough information regarding Padmanayaka Velama caste. We moved from telangana to andhra. Bobilli was formed in the 1600s and venkatagire in late 1500s, and bobilli's first rajah is the brother of the 15th generation of venkatagiri rajah. Also the venkatagiri famili comes from nalgonda district in andhra pradesh which they ruled from 11th century onwards. After the muslim invasion the family was defeated and the surviving members set up new capital in kurnool district in 1500s before moving to venkatagiri in late 1500s early 1600s.

    Also the term velama is a misnomer, we are actually padmanayakas not velmas. Our old family records say so. Btw I'm related to the Venkatagiri family thats where all this information comes from. We have old family chronicles from 11th century to prove it.