KCR's Relative Channel Completely Turned Into Pro Telangana
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KCR's Relative Channel Completely Turned Into Pro Telangana

The HMTV channel is owned by the relatives of KCR. The owners of the channel as distant cousins of KCR and they hail from Telangana. But the channel which was started as a neutral channel has completely transformed itself like Sakshi and ETV. Like these channels HMTV has only one agenda and that is achieving the Telangana state.

While it is not wrong to expect a separate Telangana state, the news in that channel is openly siding with only the Telangana separatists.

So much so that it conducted a program by name "Dasa Disa" on how to end the present stalemate on Telangana today. When someone conducts a discussion they the panel should contain people who has opposite views so that the discussion gets lively.

However in the program the CEO K Ramachandramurthy has invited the guests who are all known for their pro Telangana views and in the program the guests only expressed their pro Telangana views so blatantly. When some reporters asked the CEO later regarding this, he said that the guests were selected randomly and he would make sure that such incidents would not happen again.

People say that HMTV is very eager to make Telangana a separate state as it would get utmost preference from KCR who is related to the channel.



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  • Guest 8 years ago
    sonia gandhi gave money to kcr to start the agitation. simply to corner ncb and jagan. Butin front there is crocodoiles festival for congress in both areas.