Keeping A Perfect Body For Both Girls N Boys
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If you are looking for the way to keep yourself a good body shape, you are right coming to this alley. Basically, going on a diet and changing your habit of eating can provide you the great result in keeping a good body shape. Furthermore, they also help control your weight. Therefore let's see what those ways are so you can keep your proper weight and gain the good body shape.

  1. Go Exercise: Obesity is spreading throughout the world, and it tends to increase more in the coming decade. Spending your time 20 minutes a day to do more activities or walking about 2,000 steps a day is what can help you control weight. If you want to know how many steps you take, you can use the pedometer to help calculate. Whether you go wandering with your pet dog, go shopping, or go anywhere, you now can do exercise easily and realize the steps you take.

  2. Take Apple: Apple contains 15% of Vitamin C; this is the total amount of Vitamin C your body should take each day to help every part of your body be healthy. Generally, apple is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant agents that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cancer diseases. On your diet, try to take an apple or other kinds of fruit a day.

  1. Avoid Transfat: Transfat is bad as saturated fat as it causes the increase of bad cholesterol level (LDL) but decreases the level of good cholesterol (HDL). The consume of transfat also blocks the absorption of good fats that are beneficial for the growth and function of body organs.

  2. Take Vitamin: Many researches indicated that taking multiple vitamins everyday can help reduce the risk in getting heart disease both in men and women. This is because of the benefits of Vitamin B, C, and E, selenium and beta-carotene. Though these vitamins cannot take place of the food you take daily, they can be supplements to help benefit body structure in general.

  3. Decrease Salt: If you love to add some more seasonings in your dish, you should note that the excessive amount of salt taken can cause high blood pressure. The high blood pressure condition makes you be risky in getting heart disease, kidney disease, and brain infarction. So to make your dish tasty, try other kinds of seasonings is better.

  4. Take Brown Stuff: Note that whole-wheat flour contains much more nutrients and fibers than the white one, so you should turn to whole-wheat bread instead of white bread.

  5. Yogurt: It is simply known that yogurt is rich in calcium that helps promote the bone strength. But apart from benefit in promoting bone strength, yogurt also contains Inulin which is a natural fiber similar to carbohydrate. This Inulin is generally found in vegetables and fruits; it helps enhance the function of cells and prevent the occurrence of bacteria in digestive system. What is more important is that it helps absorb calcium in body.

  6. Take Food Home: If you are fond of having meals outside and find it's hard to finish them at restaurant, you should take them home. You not only can save money, but also can keep your body shape in the proper state.

  7. Drink Water: Try to drink water as much as you can as water is important for metabolic process in the body and it also helps enhance skin to look healthy and radiant. The secret is that you should drink water 8 ounces a day or 8-10 glasses. Or if you can take vegetables and fruits, they can better help you get more amount of water. thank u for reading take care


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