'Kidnapper-Killers' On Hyderabad Roads
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

The once peaceful Hyderabad city is slowly becoming a crime capital and also a hub for terrorists. Now, a new wave of terror is spreading and that is in the form of ‘kidnapper-killers’. Earlier, kidnapping cases used to get sorted out with prompt police intervention.

But now, things have gone beyond control. The latest incident of the killing of Vaishnavi has put the rich parents of kids on their toes. Though it has happened in Vijayawada, and that too a family strife between first wife’s children and second wife of a real estate baron, the buzz is that similar gangs are now operating in Hyderabad as well and that is a cause for concern.

The people are now saying that a strict law and nothing less than a death punishment must be given for the killers of young and innocent kids in the name of kidnapping. The brutal death of Vaishnavi has surely put not just the parents but also the police on their toes.



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