Kidney Natural Cure And Simple Diet For Nephrolithiasis Or Urolithiasis
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Natural remedies for kidney stones are many. With cures and treatments, it is always a plus to avoid remedies that may come with side effects. Natural treatments for this health condition will promise to deliver effective results and yet cause no harm to the body on the side. This article features a list of top natural remedies that have been indicated effective. First though, what exactly are kidney stones?

Natural Remedies


Basil strengthens the kidneys; take one teaspoon of basil juice with honey everyday for a period of six months. Studies have shown that kidney stones can be removed from the urinary tract by using this treatment.


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" eating a fresh apple daily is good because cases of renal calculi hardly ever occur with people who eat apples on a regular basis.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans also known as Rajmah or dried French beans, are considered as a very effective remedy for treating kidney problems. The beans should be removed from inside the pods, the pods are then sliced and about 60grams of the pods are put into a 4 litre hot water, and the mixture should be boiled (slowly) for 6 hours. The liquid is then strained through a very fine muslin and be allowed to cool for about 8 hours.

The fluid should be poured through another piece of muslin (again) but this time, no stirring! A glass of this brew should be given to the renal calculi patient every 2 hours (for the whole day). Subsequently, this decoction may be taken several times weekly. Please note that this decoction will not work if it is more than 24 hours old. The uncooked kidney beans pod(s) can be kept for longer, but as soon as they are cooked, they lose their therapeutic properties after 24 hours.

Vitamin B6

Renal calculi can be treated by taking a daily dose of 100 - 150 milligrams of vitamin B6 (combined with other B complex vitamins). Vitamin B6 if taken for a couple of months will definitely cure kidney stones (permanently!)


This vegetable is great for preventing the formation of stones especially for people who are prone to getting stones in their gall-bladder. The regular consumption of celery prevents possible stone formation in the future.


Watermelon is a super remedy. It will not just contain lots of water for diluting the stones but will be rich in potassium crucial for function of the body. It is considered the best fruit remedy for the problem making it one of the top natural remedies for kidney stones.


The same advice applies to protein as to sodium. We need protein, but too much of it is bad for anyone with a kidney problem. A lot of protein in your diet can put stress on your kidneys because it creates too much metabolic waste for the kidneys to handle.

Meat and poultry products, including eggs, contain a lot of protein. Low protein foods include many kinds of grains and vegetables.

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