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Substances found in the urine can cause solid pieces of material to form in the kidney. The majority of kidney stones pass out of the body without treatment. However, some cases produce a stone that decides to stick around for a longer period of time.

Intense pain can develop when the kidney stone gets stuck in the urinary tract and blocks the flow of urine. Determining the kind of kidney stone you have developed can help prevent future occurrences, as well as identify the best home remedy approach.

Not all kidney stones causes and symptoms, infect it is not unusual for stones to be discovered in the kidneys during X-rays for an unrelated problem. They may also be discovered when you seek medical care for blood in your urine, recurring urinary tract infections, or a vague pain or ache in your side - all common symptoms of kidney stones.

Causes of Kidney Stones: -

• Defects in the general metabolism • Insufficient intake of fluids • Improper diet • Excess intake of acid-forming foods • Overeating • Lack of vitamin A • Excessive intake of vitamin D

Kidney Stone Home Remedies: -

• Coconut water is helpful in passing off small stones through urine. Coconut water also keeps the body cool, reduces the toxic substance found inside the body. • Watermelon contains the highest concentration of water amongst all fruits. It is also rich in potassium salts. It is one of the safest and best diuretics which can be used with beneficial result in kidney stones. • Water! I know it sounds too simple to be true but water has some amazing capabilities. And one out of the thousands is to naturally flush your body of impurities. In most cases, kidney stones are caused by dehydration. You should begin your natural treatment by drinking at least 10 tall glasses of water a day. Tip: Drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Free Tip: Distilled is always better than tap water because of less sediment. • Fruits like apple, watermelon and figs are highly beneficial for kidney stones. Eat 3-4 apples every day. Similarly, raw watermelon or watermelon extract is also very good for health. Take figs extract by boiling 2-3 figs in a glass of water. Take this in an empty stomach. Continue this for 1-2 months. • Eat a whole foods diet that contains leafy green vegetables, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fish and poultry in small portions. • Grapes have an exceptional diuretic value on account of their high contents of water and potassium salt. The value of this fruit in kidney troubles is enhanced by its low albumin and sodium chloride content. It is an excellent cure for kidney stones.

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