Kidney Stone Solution Using Natural Citrus Acid
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Kidney stone pain has been compared to a child's birth many women. And you want to feel the financial pain of kidney stones. Many of my clients have spent and the thousands of dollars for surgery only to find years later that the kidney stones redeveloped. But has to be this way?

Did you know that kidney stones are almost always passed naturally through your body? In fact, if you suffer from kidney stones, chances are that you have returned from a rock somewhere in your life and have not noticed. The problem arises when the stone is too large (greater than 7mm) and is unable to leave the body painlessly. Only about 85% of the time, kidney stones are 5mm or less. If so, you can from your kidney stones naturally and effortlessly with a natural acid and a water-soluble vegetable wash.


Have you heard of the most effective kidney stone remedy available?

Acids are all around us and acid is not a bad thing. In fact, your body needs acid (ascorbic acid, also called vitamin C) to promote a healthy immune system. And there are more than 100 other benefits to acid in the body. Including the use of a citric acid to dissolve kidney stones.

Have you ever noticed what happens to a car outside of the paint if you spill a little of your favorite soda? I do not recommend you try this because you can literally cause hundreds of dollars of damage. The paint will erode away in days due to the acidity in soda. Now you know why your dentist I keep you informed about the drinking that Diet Coke.

What you should know about kidney stones

We have sold tens of thousands of research-driven and natural health doctor-approved kidney stone remedy report for the past seven years and that is what we found about this disease and its natural treatment.

  1. Kidney stones come in all shapes in sizes, but 80% consist of calcium oxalate. And 85% of them less than 5 mm in diameter. The other 10-15% larger and usually are composed of uric acid, Straiten, pristine, xanthenes or silicate. Kidney stone remedy is most effective on stones 7 mm or smaller.

  2. Why is the remedy? The remedy works solely on the pH change in the kidney increased release of hydrogen in the ephods of the kidneys. Increased acidity tends to cause the stones into smaller particles that can easily be passed. With smaller particles and a water-soluble fiber flush, the kidneys will extract all of the bricks along with toxic substances and other contaminants.

  3. What is your proof? Obviously I am a skeptic and a number of young. From the last 300 people who have used the solution, 256 have dissolved and passed their kidney stones painlessly.

  4. Natural or traditional treatment? Normally, your kidney stones will in it because of some foods prevention tips. But most doctors are not trained in natural health prevention because our medical system is based entirely on the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, your doctor often does not know unless he or she individually considered natural remedies. Also, natural treatments are also preventive treatments which means they deal with the problem of disease, not a one-pill cure for the disease. Most of my now-educated customers will never have a kidney stone!

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