Kidney Stones And Kidney Support Remedies
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Approximately 225,000 people in Europe, 300,000 people in the United States and one million people worldwide are affected by chronic renal failure in the last stage (CKD stage 5D) These people are dependent on hem dialysis, which replaces kidney function. Chronic renal failure in the final stage (CKD stage 5D) occurs when there is loss of a significant part of their normal functions.

Healthy kidneys remove waste products in urine, maintain water balance (fluid) in the body form vitamin D, stimulate production of red blood cells and maintain good bone health and heart that govern the maintenance of serum concentrations of phosphorus in the exact range.


Doctors use hem dialysis to remove waste products and excess water from the blood of patients with end stage renal disease. If necessary, may be ill treated with injections of vitamin D and erythropoietin (a hormone necessary for the production of red blood cells).

The importance of drinking regime that we are in articles on our web site described for many. We do not scare you, but non-drinking regime, and thus drink less than two to three liters of water, tea and mineral waters a day you can cause many health problems. Let us now together in one of them - kidney stones

and sand.

First, however, say what that kidney is and what we serve.

Kidney is about one hundred and fifty grams weighing paired bean-shaped body, which is deposited on the sides of the spine. Long is about twelve centimeters, about six wide and consists of two layers of bark and pulp. The kidneys serve as a filter blood flowing, but also regulate the amount of water and salts in the body, removing waste products of metabolism, help regulate blood pressure, blood formation and acid-base balance.

Kidney stones and sand

Renal colic, and therefore strong throbbing pain, unexplained pain or back one half of the urge to urinate, blood in urine, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills and swelling are all signs of sand or stones in the kidney. Kidney attack may take several minutes, but even a few days.

The most common cause of kidney stones or sand is, as we wrote, low fluid intake, but also an excess of certain substances in the body, such as calcium or urinary tract congenital deformations, scar after inflammation, urinary tract infections, but the formation of kidney stones, diabetes and contributes thyroid disease. The doctor provides a diagnosis of ultrasonic and computer tomography. Smaller stones, which have up to four millimeters is possible to get rid of naturally, more surgery or breaking the ultrasound.

However, prevention is important. Thus, once again stresses to drink a! Drink water, mineral water, tea, fruit juices. Coffee, alcohol, sweetened or mixed drinks do not count in drinking regime.

Helps with recurrent inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder, relieving pain, burning and itching, has a strong antibacterial activity, incontinence inhibits formation of undesirable odors, contained insulin promotes the growth of bifid bacteria in the intestinal tract, but also a favorable effect on blood pressure.

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