Kidney Stones Treatments And Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies For Kidney Problems
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Kidney stones are one of the most painful disorders that affect humans. Kidney stones are solid masses of mineral salt deposits that are normally filtered through the kidney and emptied via urine. Urine has a natural substance, which dissolves these minerals, thereby preventing them into becoming solids or calculi. Sometimes due to dehydration, these salts don’t get dissolved and crystallization takes place. It grows large enough to obstruct the renal ducts or stuck in the uterus, causing sharp and severe pain in the urinary tract. Untreated, kidney stones can cause renal failure.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Following are the major kidney stones symptoms:

  1. Severe pain in their attempt to pass down the ureter

  2. Frequent desire to urinate

  3. Painful urination

  4. Scanty urination

  5. Nausea, vomiting, sweating, and chills

  6. Sometimes passes blood with the urine

Causes of Kidney Stones

Following are the major kidney stones causes:

  1. Defects in the general metabolism

  2. Insufficient intake of fluids

  3. Improper diet

  4. Excess intake of acid-forming foods

  5. Excess intake of white flour and sugar products, meat, tea, coffee, condiments and spices

  6. Overeating

  7. Lack of vitamin A

  8. Excessive intake of vitamin D

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

  1. Drink lots of water. By increasing your fluid intake, you increase your urine volume and decrease the concentration of stone forming elements. In short fluid intake such as water should be two to three litres per day.

  2. Cut down on foods such as diary products, green leafy vegetables, etc that has high level of calcium.

  3. Intake of meat, fish, and poultry should be lessened as they lead to increase in uric acid that forms stones.

  4. Reduce intake of sugar, refined foods, caffeine, alcohol, soda and salt.

  5. Eat more of fiber, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable proteins.

  6. Cut down on oxalate containing foods such as chocolate, tea, rhubarb, cooked spinach and asparagus.

  7. A tsp each of basil juice and honey taken daily for 6 months provides relief from this disorder.

  8. A tbsp of pomegranate seeds (sweet and sour), grounded into a fine paste mixed with a cup of horse gram soup dissolves the gravels in kidney.

  9. Eat 2 or 3 apples a day.

  10. Watermelon, either eaten as fruit or taken as juice is one of the safest and best diuretics.

  11. Boil 2 figs in cup of water and drink this first thing in the morning for one month.

  12. 1 cup of radish leaves juice can be take twice a day

  13. Drink a glass of fresh tomato juice mixed with pinch of salt and dash of pepper.

Kidney Stones Treatment and Advice

  1. Avoid taking too much milk

  2. Drink lots of water and other fluids

  3. Avoid calcium rich foods - milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy foods

  4. Avoid oxalate rich foods - beans, beets, blueberries, celery, chocolate, grapes, green peppers, parsley, spinach, strawberries, summer squash, and tea

  5. Take Vitamin A rich diet - apricots, broccoli, cantaloupes, pumpkins, winter squash, and beef liver

  6. Limit the quantity of proteins in your diet as it may increase uric acid, calcium, and phosphorus in the urine that leads to the formation of stones.

  7. Avoid consumption of table salt, pickled foods and salty foods

  8. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    This is an excellent article to help people understand kidney stone issues. What I find to be helpful is lemon juice dilluted with distilled water. It really helps to dissolve the stones and make them easily manageable.