Know How To Use MMS On A Cell Phone
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MMS is short for Multimedia Messaging Service and is used on cell phones. There are many times the news will talk about the service in a negative way. Not everyone actually understands exactly how MMS works so they become frustrated with it. With a little patience and understanding you will see that the service is rather easy to use after all.

MMS is very similar to SMS just a step above the normal service. If you have not purchased a new phone lately then you might not find MMS on it. If this is the case and you want the service do not purchase a new phone in mobile store instead have the service enabled on the phone you already own.

Some MMS technology facts are -

  • In order for you and a friend to be able to successfully exchange MMS messages it will need to be enabled on both of your phones.
  • There are times when the MMS might not be compatible with the receiving phone.
  • SMS setting can be edited while the MMS setting can be more complicated. Everything just depends on the type of phone that is being used.

When you purchase a new cell phone you will notice that MMS is not already enabled. This is not a problem in India because the operators know exactly what to do in order for the feature to work. So make a quick call to the local operator and they can walk you through the setup step by step. You will also be told at this time how much the monthly fee is when using this feature.

One the operator has given you the proper settings you will be ready to configure the MMS service for you phone. The steps are pretty much the same for all the cell phones.

  • In your menu select tools, then settings, then connection, and access points
  • Now pick options and look for default setting and new access points
  • Add your connection name
  • Add any data bearer
  • Type the name of the access point
  • Make a user name
  • Enter a password
  • Normal is usually the authentication
  • Your IP Gateway address (the operator actually gave this information to you)
  • Now do the homepage
  • Find the connection security
  • End everything with the session mode

When the settings are properly in place you will be ready for sending and receiving MMS messages. The provider of the service can help make sure your settings are correct.

When the MMS is configured try sending out your first picture to a friend. Depending on the make and model of the cell phone you own the following steps could be a little different then as described.

  • If you have a picture already saved on your phone this will work. If you do not have pictures stored then use the built in camera to snap a picture and store.
  • Pick a picture you would like to send and pick the option ‘send by MMS’
  • It is always nice to let the receiver know what the picture is by adding a little text to it
  • Now pick all the friends that you would like to send the picture to
  • Hit send and you are all done

Something to remember when sending an MMS message is not everyone is using this feature on their phone. If you experience any images or videos that are illicit then call your operator. The operator will help you adjust your settings so you will not have anymore difficulties with illicit videos or images.

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