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In Britain, high-definition process is started in August of 1936 and France followed with its own high definition systems in 1938 with monochrome system. All of these advanced systems had a 4.3 aspect ratio. In 1941 the United States joined the league with its high-definition service. At the same time all of the broadcasts were monochrome (black and white). Color broadcast did not begun until 1953. Europe followed in the 1960s when color systems were incorporated to the monochrome systems.

When the wide-screen high definition television transmission was used in the early 2000s and the European systems are now took standard definition television systems. In Australia the digital progressive system is considered as high-definition officially. The specific standardization of HDTV did not lead to its use because of numerous technical and economic reasons. The bandwidth was reduced down to two times what the standard definition television and was still only able to be distributed with one satellite channel that was available on a daily basis with seven broadcasters. Reproducing and recording an HDTV signal was an issue in the early years.

The United States completed its testing of High Definition Television in August of 1994, and had its first public broadcast in July of 1996. The first broadcast begun in Raleigh, North Carolina. The live coverage of astronaut John Glenn's return mission to space on board the space shuttle took place on August 29, 1998. The signal was transmitted from coast-to-coast and watched by people in public science centers and theaters that had the ability to receive the broadcast.

High Definition Television broadcasts are determined by three parameters: frame size is determined in pixels. The number of horizontal pixels times to the number of vertical pixels; the scanning system is considered by the letter P which refers to progressive scanning and by the letter I which stands for interlaced scanning; and the frame rate which is identified as a number of video frames per second.

If your television is not equipped to use HDTV, then contact the National Television and Information Association and ask for their coupon for a converter box. The coupon is worth forty dollars which is the cost of the converter box without the coupon. You will also need an antenna for the converter box.

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