Know The Rules Otherwise Traffic Police Will Fool You
Cute Girl • onInformation 10 years ago • 6 min read

Today morning I and my friends were going somewhere "Triple Seat", breaking the Traffic Rule.

Unfortunately, a policeman caught us. And you know how police behave; he asked as to pay Rs. 600/- as fine. Then he took the license with him and without giving any memo, he went away saying "Come to Chaturshungi Police Station".

After a horrible harassment of two hours at police station, and threatening of various acts and rules (he also tried to impose criminal activity).

What we did was just helping a friend to reach hospital, due to sickness he could have fall down and that's why we were in "Triple Seat".

Finally he took Rs. 300/- as bribe and told like he was showing mercy by not charging Rs. 600/- official fine.

Later on we searched rules on internet, and got to know that we had been fool.

The actual fine was Rs. 100/- only, and we gave Rs. 300/- as bribe.

So lets us be aware of rules, so we don't need beware of anyone.

Mumbai Police:

Compounding Fees

Home Department Mantralaya from Mumbai 400032 Dated 24th June 1996 Motor Vehicle Act, 19(8) No. MVA-0593/1708/CR-29/TRA-2.- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 200 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988(59 of 1988) and of all other powers enabling it in this behalf and in supersession of all notifications issued in this behalf, the government of Maharashtra hereby specifies the officers of the rank of Sub -Inspector of Police in the police dept. (Traffic ) and the Inspector of the Motor Vehicles Department, to be the officers by whom any offense under the section specified in column (3 ) of the scheduled hereto may either before or after the institution of the prosecution, be compounded for the amount specified in column (4) of the said schedule.

Note : Under section 177 of Motor Vehicle Act Fine charged for rule violation done by Cab and Auto Rickshaw is Rs 50/- and for Other Vehicles fine is Rs 100/-

List of Important Traffic Offences & Compounding Fee Charged Sr.No. Description of Offences Motor Vehicle Act Sections Compounding Fee (In Rs) 1 Parking in 'No Parking' Zone. MVA - 119/177 100 2 Parking at a corner/turning. MVA - 119/177 100 3 Double Parking of Vehicle. MVA - 119/177 100 4 Vehicle entering in a 'No Entry' Zone. MVA - 119/177 100 5 No 'U' Turn. MVA - 119/177 100 6 Obstruction to other vehicle or Pedestrians. MVA- 122/177 100 7 Driving on the wrong side. MVA- 119/177 100 8 Overtaking a vehicle from left side. MVA-119/177 100 9 Disobeying traffic signs or signals. MVA-119/177 100 10 Carrying passenger on footboard. MVA-123/177 100 11 Licence not in possession. MVA-130/177 100 12 Owner not giving information about his / her driving License. MVA- 133/177 100 13 Using unsafe vehicle. MVA- 190(1)/177 100 14 Driving under influence of Alcohol. MVA- 185(1) Non Compoundable 15 Driving two wheeler without a Helmet MVA- 129/177 100 16 Carrying passengers on Bonnet/Cabin/running Board. MVA- 123(2)/177 100 17 Driving without Licence. MVA- 3(1)/181 300 18 Giving vehicle to a person who has no driving licence. MVA- 5/180 300 19 Rash Driving. MVA- 184 500 20 Underage person (below 18 Yrs of age) driving geared vehicle. MVA- 4(1)/181 300 21 Underage person (below 16 Yrs of age) driving non- geared vehicle. MVA- 4(1)/181 300 22 Speeding or Lane cutting. MVA- 112/183 200 23 Driving or giving out for use uninsured vehicle. MVA- 146/196 300 24 Triple seat driving. MVA-128 100 25 Driving or giving out for use unregistered vehicle. MVA- 39/192 1000 26 Unauthorised transport of passengers or goods without valid permit. MVA- 66(1)/192 Non Compoundable 27 Ignoring Traffic Officer's Signal. MVA- 132(1)a/179 200 28 Parking Rickshaw/Taxi not in an Authorised Rickshaw Stand. MMVR-21(5)/177 50 29 Demanding excess Auto / Taxi meter charges. MMVR- 21(12)/177 50 30 Auto or Taxi driver refusing to carry passenger(s) to nearby destination. MMVR- 22(d)/177 50 31 Demanding Auto / Taxi fare beyond the Meter Charges applicable. MMVR-21(d)/177 50 32 Dazzling/Glaring Light. MMVR- 235/177 100 33 Illegal/Fancy Number Plate. MMVR- 235(2)/177 100 34 Parking On Footpath. MMVR- 237(1)/177 100 35 Auto / Taxi driver deliberately not taking the shortest route to a passenger's destination. MMVR- 21(8)/177 50 36 Auto / Taxi drivers soliciting passengers. MMVR-21(13)/177 50 37 Auto / Taxi driver smoking while driving. MMVR- 21(16)/177 50 37 Auto / Taxi driver not in uniform while driving. MMVR- 31(1)/177 50 38 Carrying persons or articles causing obstruction to the driver's seat. MMVR- 23(1)/177 50 39 Blowing horn in a Silence Zone. MMVR- 231/177 100 40 Driving Auto/Taxi without valid badge. MMVR- 24(2)/177 50 41 Carrying Goods of more than 12 feet in height. MMVR- 229/177 100 42 Driving heavy vehicle with Back Door or Latch Open. MMVR- 229(2)/177 100 43 Not having Light on Number Plate MMVR- 236(1)/177 100 44 Negligence while reversing your vehicle. MMVR- 233/177 100 45 Filling of less petrol by Taxi/Auto driver while carrying passenger(s). MMVR- 21(14)/177 50 46 Not keeping Auto / Taxi Clean. MMVR- 21(29)/177 50 47 Carrying excess passengers in Auto/Taxi... MMVR- 21(20)/177 50 48 Not having side or rear view mirror. MMVR- 161/177 100 49 Keeping TV set or Video on Dash Board. MMVR- 162/177 100 50 Using mobile phone while driving. MMVR- 250(a)/177 100 51 Stopping on Zebra crossing. MMVR- 237(1)/177 100 52 Driving without Mud Guard. MMVR- 165/177 100 53 Driving without wiper in rainy season (3/4 Wheelers). CMVR-101/177 100 54 Driving with worn out or torn tyres. CMVR-94(2)/177 100 55 Driving without reflector light. CMVR-104(1)/177 100 56 No Head/Tail Lamps. CMVR- 105/177 100 57 Vehicle stopping without flashing parking light at night. CMVR- 109/177 100 58 Blowing or installing of Pressure/Multisound Horn. CMVR -119(2)/190(2)MVA 500 59 Dark tinted glasses (less than 75% Visibility from outside). CMVR-100/177 100 60 Not displaying 'L' Board (Front & Rear) incase of learner's License. CMVR- 3(c)/177 100 61 Offence under Emission Control Act. CMVR-115(2)/190(2)MVA 500 62 Parking on wrong side. RRR-15(2)(1)/177 100 63 Parking or stopping within 10 mtrs of a Bus Stop. RRR-15(2)(1)/177 100 64 Stopping on a Bridge. RRR-15(2)(1)/177 100 65 Stopping within an Island . RRR-15(2)(1)/177 100 66 Driving on wrong side. RRR-15(2)(1)/177 100 67 Lane Cutting while driving. RRR-18(2)/177 100 68 Ignoring rules of Road Marking or Lane Marking. RRR-18(2)/177 100 69 Parking in front of a Gate. RRR-15(2)(8)/177 100


Sr. No. Type Of Vehicle Lifting Charges (Rs) (Charges for 'No Parking' are not included) 1 Heavy Vehicle (Truck /Tanker/Trailers/Bus) 1,000 2 Medium Vehicle (Tempo) 500 3 Light Vehicle (Car/Jeep) 250 4 Three Wheeler Vehicles 100 5 Two Wheeler Vehicles 50



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  • Guest 8 years ago
    can any help me as i was abused by traf cop today at chakala signal ,mistakenly i jumped signal and as per law i was ready to pay fine of Rs 100 but the cop didnt accepted and forcibly took my license and asked to come to chowki and pay Rs100 over there and collect the license can they do that if one is ready to pay the penalty on the spot can i take the issue to higher authorities plz mail me at [email protected]