Know The Symptoms And Causes Of Fatigue, Try To Fatigue
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Fatigue the pain is said alarm heat, along with three of the organism is one of the important signals in the body for maintaining life and health. Physiological fatigue in healthy people is given the load efficiency when the mind or body (performance) can be defined as a transient state of decline.

The cause of fatigue may include various. People do not exercise often get to work or unconscious went hiking the day after the family service, after spent with family law and go home "Oh, tired" and had complained As well, there is no pathological significance of these tired.


Some of them, however, "I'm always tired," Some people might come. Against chronic fatigue, often there are health problems such as anemia and liver dysfunction, even if more tests to find the cause of fatigue if it is absolutely the possibility of another disease there. Recent studies have also come under medical attention; "chronic fatigue syndrome" is a disease. Chronic fatigue syndrome and this is what I would like to do what.

Sometimes I feel that chronic fatigue can not get pretty tired too. Fatigue is not recovered, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, the organs are tired, sick and have the potential

Various reasons

• Such as desk work or driving, muscular fatigue caused by partial to keep taking the same attitude does not occur as a result of poor blood circulation as the rest the muscle, causing the tension rise. In this case, by moving a portion of the stretch and fatigue in particular, can connect to recovery. • The body when the body is feeling tired, fatigue substances "lactic acid" state has accumulated. • In order to recover the body, it is important that the lactic acid will be quickly eliminated from the body material is unnecessary fatigue.

Possible cause is mind?

Features of chronic fatigue syndrome, as the name suggests, is chronic fatigue, body, even if the high and low test, so found an apparent anomaly, may be due to the heart. State of mind, the endocrine system and affect the body's immune system, when the stress is large and depressed, the tired easier. Indeed, chronic fatigue syndrome are easy to symptoms worsened when there is stress, and its symptoms are depressed mood, sleep disturbance and poor concentration and memory, there is overlap with symptoms of depression, and There are also often complicated by depression itself.

However, the symptoms seen in chronic fatigue syndrome may suggest that the non-cardiac causes. Chronic fatigue syndrome is often triggered develop viral infections such as colds, or swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpits, and tenderness that has caused some problems in the immune system. Currently, neurological, some difficulty has arisen immunological disease are considered.


The daily exercise can make to enhance physical fitness, fatigue and slow accumulation of material in order to become efficient metabolism and can reduce fatigue. In general, the following method is effective. However, fatigue is not completely prevented.

• If insufficient calorie intake, diet and consume enough sugar and energy. • Particular protein, which has an important role in physical function of muscle fiber repair. • Antioxidant supplement such as imidazole is not exposed to strong oxidative stress during exercise and excessive mental work. • Water and mineral supplements in moderation. • Rest adequate to maintain power to the central coordination. Also, try to maintain a regular life.

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Chronic Fatigue


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