Know Why Flashy Web Designs Are Bad For Business
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 2 min read

There are number of web designers available in the market and with the emergence of technologies lots of people are using flash based websites. Flashy websites can be good looking but certainly not good when it comes to search engines. Designer might insist you for flash based website as this will cost you more and designer can make more money out of it. But it will impact your overall business growth as bots will not be able to read your content and to get a search engine ranking will be a tough job.

A flashy web design can decrease the popularity of your business. These days users don't like to wait for website loading. They want fast service for saving their time on browsing. It's not like that you should not use flash for designing website. You should use flash sparingly in designing website to give it mobile touch. But flashy touch website need flash player installed in users system.

While designing a website keep in mind that you are going to increase your business sale through online marketing. Each and every element involved in designing a website affects website functionality and marketability. From navigation speed to well match background and from coding to layouts make website effective and efficient.

It is good to design a website with attractive interface. If you are designing a fun and gaming application you can go for flashy websites, but if you are looking for a business website design , then you should go for website which is light weighted as well as attractive. You should hire professionals and experts who can design attractive and light weighted website free from heavy flash designs.

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