Know Your Woman's Sexual Response - Tips To Arouse Her
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Experienced males know very well that not all the women have the same sexual feelings or react to sensual stimulation in the same way. Women's responses vary a lot, some response very warmly while some do not or even show very little interest while sensually stimulated.

If you want to know your woman's sexual response, you have to work hard in the beginning and pay attention to her responses to your stimulation. Unlike the past when many women were on the losing side when it comes to sensual response, now most of the women can easily be aroused and cooperate fully in bed provided they are approached wisely by their male partner.

You have to know your woman's sexual response otherwise both of you will miserably fail in bed. Unless she is aroused fully, neither of you can enjoy with the desired pleasure of this act.

When we see the drastic results of the unsatisfactory sexual life, it will become your responsibility to know your woman's sexual responses so that you will be able to make her ready for the act and, eventually, both of you can lead a healthy sex life. This is very much important as it binds you both and improves intimacy. Sensual intimacy definitely encourages other intimate links to grow further and become stronger.

Being able to arouse your woman properly, you can ensure she achieve orgasm or at least get maximum pleasure from the act. On your tactful stimulation, she will be fully aroused and will enjoy every erotic move that you do. You will get her full cooperation, and even her advances, that can further your own pleasure.

In physical terms, a woman's response to your stimulation can be noticed when she start having a warm feeling all over her body and she will 'surrender' herself to you. Furthermore, her pupils will get bigger, pulse rate goes up, and she will urge for more closeness and will be ready for your entry. At the same time, you can easily know your woman's sexual response to your stimulation when you notice her wet vagina, slightly open. Moreover, her clitoris swells up; her breast will swell too while the nipples will gain little hardness; her breathing will get faster, and so on.

To know your women's sexual response, you do not have to do many things, just work systematically over her, watch what makes her get hot more and what pleases her more, and finally, what will be the right moment to enter her. Once you successfully do this session more than once, you do not need anything else and your woman will need no one except you.

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