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Being a famous tourist destination and one of the most important cities in God’s Own Country, accommodation is Kochi is not an issue at all. The city is packed with a bevy of luxury hotels that can be classified as five star, four star and three star hotels. Hotels in Kochi provide excellent and world class services, and you will be treated like royalty if you decide to splurge a little extra on your Kochi trip and book a room in one of the luxury resorts.

Many of the Kochi hotels have been constructed and designed to perfection with an American and European taste in mind, and the dining areas in these hotels cater to people of all nationality, as they have a wide variety of options when it comes to food – be it continental cuisine, Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine or Chinese cuisine.

Tourists from the Middle East can also find refuge in the dishes that are catered to their nationals in these hotels, and such is their versatility that the faculty in this hotel makes you feel at home, wherever you may originally be from.

You can opt for hotels in one of the two major areas – Fort Cochin and Ernakulam City. In the region of Fort Cochin, the main hotels present are Ballard Bungalow, Gama Heritage Residency and Old Courtyard. The major hotels in the region of Ernakulam City are Sealord, Abad Plaza, Times Square, Avenue Center Hotel and BTH. These are very popular hotels in their respective regions and you can opt for a hotel in the region that you are familiar with. Young tourists and travelers normally prefer to stay in Ernakulam as the nightlife in Ernakulam is very hip and happening, and staying in a hotel in Ernakulam can actually help them reach out to attend these night events and have a good time.

Ballard Bungalow is a building that is essentially a colonial bungalow which has been converted into a major hotel. History buffs will find the rooms in the Ballard Bungalow very appealing, as these rooms are all aesthetically designed and retain an old world charm in their interiors.

The Old Courtyard, which is a remodeled Dutch bungalow, is also a major hotel that has modern and well equipped interiors, in order to make your stay easier. This hotel has luxurious rooms that are also very well furnished. You can opt for a stay in any one of these aforementioned tried and tested hotels.

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