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Staying at a heritage village resort in Kochi is a holiday idea in its own sense. Located at the outskirts of Cochin, this village resort is a tranquil area wherein tourists can enjoy some solitude bliss. Lush greenery engulfs this village resort which is 16 kms from the Kochi airport and 8 kms from the Ernakalum Railway Station. An interesting and exciting way to reach this resort is inland waterways.

Boasting of exquisite facilities, the rooms of the hotel have thatched roof huts making living there a totally ethereal experience. While the amenities are similar to those provided by the luxury hotels, the garden outside each hut is sure to enchant you. Built on similar lines of the tribal Kerala huts, the cottages are decorated in a very ornate manner.

In addition, the open air bath facility is sure to bring you closer to Mother Nature. Some of the basic facilities provided by the hotel includes – air condition in the 13 rooms, row boating, narrow canal cruise, village cruise and various travel assistance.

No other hotels in Kochi will provide you the natural bliss that you can experience at Heritage Village Resort. Dining is an ethereal experience under the thatched roof of the ‘Periyar’ the open air restaurant that serves authentic delicacies. The ambiance is very good and one should not miss savouring the delightful local dish called ‘Naadan’.

Some of the unique facilities provided by the hotel are the cruises through the backwaters of Kerala. Fishing and angling can also be enjoyed at the Royal Village Resort. To unburden yourself you can also book yourself with the Ayurvedic treatment, using the ancient Kerala ‘Kalari’ method at Royal Ayurveda Ashrama, that are conducted here under experts guidance. The various cultural shows held here are the best ways to get a sneak peak into the traditional art and crafts of Kerala.

Besides, the Royal Heritage Village, many other Kochi hotels can be availed. Cochin boasts of international class luxury hotels wherein tourist can enjoy 5 star experiences. The budget and economical hotels of Kochi are also good and almost all of them offer panoramic views of the popular beaches of Cochin. Almost all the hotels in Cochin offer excellent opportunities for enjoying Ayurvedic treatment, for which Kerala is famous all over the world.

Plan a tour to Kochi and enjoy staying in the havens of the city which is the best way to get acquainted with the locals.

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