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Hotels in Kochi are many, and choosing the best hotel among these can actually be a tiring experience. The hotels in the city of Kochi offer so many jaw dropping services that you will have a very hard time trying to decide on what you actually want. And going by the luxury quotient, the Kochi hotels can put any royal palace to shame, with their perfectly designed rooms, exquisitely furnished interiors, views of the splendid and lush green cover outside and their serene seaside views.

Taj Malabar is a very famous hotel located in Kochi, in the region of Fort Cochin. The hotel is a very large one, and is treated as a huge landmark in the region. There is a separate heritage wing in the Taj Malabar, which was built way back in the year 1935 in order to accommodate Queen Elizabeth the Second (Princess of Wales).

The Infinity Pool, located in Taj Malabar, is one of the oldest and biggest swimming pools in India and is frequented by tourists visiting the hotel who choose to wade in its gentle laps of water or sit back and enjoy its beauty. The Taj hotels are all famous for the amenities that they provide to their guests, and these hotels are the top hotels in the entire country when it comes to issues of luxury and comfort.

You can also opt for a room from Le Meridian, which is yet another very famous resort in the Ernakulam region of Kochi. One of the most popular destinations in the city of Kochi, Le Meridian is located in the riverside and thus offers boating facilities for all its residents. You can spend your free time taking a boating trip along the peaceful waters, and all you will need to do in order to experience this is call up the front desk and ask them to book a lot for you. This can make your stay in Le Meridian a pleasurable one that can linger onto your memories for long.

You can also try booking a room in Koder House, which is a major Jewish style hotel located in downtown Kochi. The hotel houses a large swimming pool in its premises and is frequented by tourists and foreigners for the Kosher food supplied in its kitchen. Staying in the Koder House can be a very pleasant experience indeed, as you can experience many aspects of Jewish culture during your stay in the hotel.

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