Kodaikanal Hotels- Paradise On Earth
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Nestled approximately 7500 feet above sea level, Kodaikanal is one of the many tourist attractions in Tamilnadu. Its cool climate and idyllic settings make it a honeymooner’s paradise, where lovers and newly married couples spend valuable hours cozying up in each other’s company.

Most tourists head to this hill station during the peak season that last from April to late September and hotels located here are always fully booked. People who are tired of inhaling poisonous fumes in cities and prefer spending time lapping up nature at higher altitudes can head to Kodaikanal. There are sixteen three star hotels in this hill station. Next to the famous Ooty, which still remains the number one tourist destination in the south, Kodaikanal remains the second most visited tourist destination.

Kodaikanal hotels offer their guests comfortable rooms with all amenities that most hotels offer in the cities. However, since most people arrive here to stay away from the humdrum of their daily careers and homes, most people just prefer lazing around walking through the town’s roads inhaling crisp, fresh air and enjoying beautiful natural scenery around. Many corporate houses prefer to hold their conferences in this hill station as it provides time for both work and leisure.

The sixteen three star hotels in Kodaikanal are Highland, Parade, Golden Parks Inn, Apple Valley, JC Residency, Mount View ,Grand Palace, Pleasant Stay, Hotel Valley View Inn, Kodai International, Hotel Sivapriya, Silver Castle Resort, Sterling Valley View, Sterling Lake View Resort, SV International, Summer Migrations, and Woodland Resorts. Some of these hotels are nestled in natural surroundings and provide a panoramic view of the valley and its surroundings, as their very name suggests. Guests can lap up unending views of Kodai’s valleys through their glass windows in the mornings and this is a real feast to the eyes, especially those eyes that have been eyeing only concrete buildings.

All hotels provide accommodation for single travelers and more spacious double rooms for two people with a small family in tow. The hotels have in house restaurants that traditionally serve vegetarian fare, but some hotels also provide non-vegetarian food to guests. During the peak seasons that last for almost six months in the year, finding rooms is not easy and early bookings require to be made. During the off-peak season from October to March you will find these hotels offering discounts and value packages to entice tourists; as occupancy remains low due to the cold. Kodai remains one of the major tourist spots in Tamilnadu with local tourists heading to cooler climes to escape from the torrid heat of the cities.


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