Kurkure Plastic Lies Baseless Says AIIMS
Chitra Ghosh • onFood 8 years ago • 2 min read

Kurkure plastic lies are baseless allegations on the reputed snack brand spread by some miscreant or who knows may be the competitor himself. Check out the link at http://bit.ly/AIIMS-letter, found it on the Kurkure website. It is a letter from a Dr at the AIIMS who says that Kurkure plastic lies and other such allegations that have been circulating in his name are baseless allegations.

We believe in rumors very easily and so whenever any rumour spreads, we immediately circulate it to our friends. Take for instance, this Kurkure plastic lies which says Kurkure has plastic and burns like plastic when all of us know that plastic is not edible. When a food product contains corn meal and 30% oil, then definitely it will burn and burn like plastic.

On the Kurkure website, it says that Kurkure is not only the safest product but is also a healthier snack. We would also like to inform you that Kurkure is made with Rice bran oil. Rice Bran Oil (RBO) is one of the healthier oils because it is naturally high in the good fats (MUFA and PUFA) and low in saturated fats. By cooking Frito Lay range of products in RICE BRAN oil, the saturated fat has been reduced by 40%. Saturates are the ones to watch out for, because too much saturated fat can contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels.

So guys, happy munching Kurkure. Tedha hai par mera hai!

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