Kurkure Plastic Rumor
Andrea Hamilton • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

Kurkure plastic rumor has been making a lot of rounds these days. Such is the impact of the rumor on the minds of the consumers that people have actually started thinking that Kurkure contains plastic. Do you too believe in the rumor?

If you believe in the rumor, then continue reading this article as it is specially for you. Kurkure is in the Indian market for years now. People have been munching Kurkure with great delight including me. It is fundoo timepass snack. The new Kurkure that is released in the Wheat flavor has exceptionally great taste.

But the Kurkure plastic rumor is truly disgusting. How can a product like Kurkure, contain plastic overnight when it is manufactured with ingredients that all we Indians use daily in our Indian kitchen. Kurkure ingredients include rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, spices, seasonings, edible oils, etc. Is any of these ingredients mentioned here contain or is plastic? The answer is No. All these ingredients are healthy ingredients that are used in the manufacture of Kurkure.

As per the Kurkure plastic rumor, when you burn Kurkure it melts. Definitely, when you burn Kurkure, Kurkure melts. The reason why Kurkure melts is because Kurkure contains carbohydrate in the form of corn starch. When any carbohydrate snack (like gol gappas, matharees and namkeens) is burnt, it burns the same way like Kurkure burns. But that does not mean that those snacks contain plastic.


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  • Andy soma 5 months ago
    there is no plastic in Kurkure as it contains everyday kitchen ingredients like daal, corn, rice and spices all just a rumor that it contains plastic. I was also believing the same until I found this Tumblr profile https://itrustkurkure.tumblr.com/ where they are showing a video of Kurkure plant.