Lagadapati Escapes From Hospital Or Kidnapped?
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Lagadapati escapes from hospital or kidnapped?

Mr.Lagadapati Rajagopal who was admitted forcibly in General hospital in Vijayawada has escaped from the hospital at around 10:20pm Sunday.

Mr Lagadapati was arrested on Saturday early hours while he was doing indefinite fast since the past few days for SAMAIKYAANDHRA. As his health condition was deteriorating the police(grey hounds) has forcibly taken him to Vijayawada General Hospital for treatment.

However he refused treatment and demanded that he either be taken to NIMS,Hyderabad or to the place where he was doing fasting.

Sources say that lagadapati has come out of the hospital at 10 pm holding national flag and drove off the vehicle parked in a strategic location outside hospital.Witnesses say that the vehicle belongs to Mr.Gowtham reddy who is a follower of Lagadapati.

It has taken everyone by surprise including his followers and police alike.There were reports that he is proceeding in the direction of Vizag.Police were trying to follow his vehicle and alerted all the check posts.The escape has created flurry near the Hosiptal and police has issued a Red Alert in and around Vijayawada.

Actually on Sunday the police were contemplating to shift Lagadapati to NRI hospital in mangalagiri for better medical treatment. However,lagadapati's staunch followers refute the escape theory by police and accuses the police for a possibility of kidnap.

It remains to be seen what is the motive and strategy of Rajagopal behind this escape.

In another incident today TDP MLA Mr.Devineni Umamaheswarao was shifted to NRI Medical College Hospital in Mangalagiri from General hospital in Vijayawada.



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