...last Cry...
julia • onGeneral 12 years ago • 1 min read

If you gave me money for every tear that falls when your not there, I would collect my sorrow and by now I would be a million air. Why should I cry for you when you can not even see, My sadness falls to the ground and you always dissapoint me. You left nothing apart from myself and my heart broken, Its too late to fix me now because your words are left unspoken. If only you could realise that I am weak without you, And stop lying to me saying you love me too. I’ve had enough of the games that you want me to play, Because I will not be fooled like I was yesterday. I thought you were my mr.perfect but I was wrong, And I cant believe that I have loved you all along. Its time to let you go and have one last cry, And now it will be my turn to say good bye! Good bye to the times we spent together, Good bye on memories I thought would last forever. Good bye to the sun no longer will it shine, Good bye to you because you are no longer mine )-:


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