Learn How To Talk Dirty: Simple Guidelines
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Learn how to talk dirty to a guy can really add some excitement to your sex life. The fact is for most women they are not comfortable with talking dirty to their lovers but with the guidelines here it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. If you follow these simple guidelines you’ll be learning how to talk dirty in no time.

First and most importantly, it may help to realize that most couples talk dirty to each other not only during sex but as a method of foreplay as well. There is nothing like a conversation of what your boyfriend wants to do to you to set the mood for an awesome night of sex.

Secondly, don’t worry about saying the wrong thing. Just say what's on your mind; if you want to rub his body down with chocolate syrup and lick it off. Use your common sense and good judgment, if your boyfriend can’t swim and is fearful of water don’t tell him you want to make love on the diving board.

If you feel uncomfortable with talking dirty then set guidelines of what is acceptable and what isn’t and respect each other feelings. If you don’t mind being referred to using a certain word then say so. If you don’t set guidelines it will only cause someone to get upset and your romantic evening will abruptly come to a halt.

Learning how to talk dirty is not something you should be embarrassed about. If the experience is new to you then explain how you feel to your boyfriend. Most men love the opportunity to “teach” a woman how to talk dirty to them.

The words should sound natural and exciting to make him feel good and sexy. If you’re not comfortable saying something to him then you do not have to force yourself to say it. It isn’t really any different than the act of sex if you’re not comfortable doing something don’t do it.

Try to have fun with it and learn as you go you just have to be natural and not be perfect in one night or during every sexual session. I’m sure your boyfriend will appreciate your efforts and look forward to what you have to say the next time!

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