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Leg exercises are actually a grouping of motions/actions designed to target several different muscle systems in the legs, most commonly the glutes, hamstring, quadriceps, biceps femoris, leg abductors, leg adductors, and calfs. If your core and your leg muscles are weak, it becomes extremely difficult to achieve any skating skills. Good balance not only keeps you steady on your feet, but it helps make your movements powerful.

Having a strong core and good leg strength mean better performance in different sports. The first thing to remember about the squat is that the power starts on the heels. Stay on your heels at all times while squatting. A lot of the concern of squats being bad on the knees comes from people who can't squat properly bouncing up and down on their toes.

Distance between the feet is another hot button topic. Many believe that a shoulder-width distance for the feet is optimal. Others believe it puts more strain on the knees, and that a slightly wider stance more naturally compliments the natural outward pelvic angling of our feet. There are currently two approaches to leg press.

These are usually done to test an athlete's lower body strength and to build leg muscles, which can be good for marathons, jogging, and other strenuous sports activities. When looking for either a cable or seated leg press machine, try to go for high quality - but often expensive ones. You don't want to be hurting anyone so you have to look for those that come with safety brackets.

This equipment is popular for its ability to burn tons of calories. It is known for its ability to deliver a strenuous workout and tone the entire body. The equipment imitates the benefit of climbing flights of stairs. Overall it provides an excellent cardiovascular .Well, you can do full body workouts, provided you keep them fast, heavy and with little rest in between. It's a good way to train for a contest closer to the day.

But remember, the more body parts you train in one session (ie- a full body workout) you'll have to cut down the number of overall sets and exercises you do per body part. Leg presses replicate much of the motion of a squat, except the lifter sits or lies down and presses weight up with the legs. As with the squat, the leg should be at a 90-degree angle bend before pressing upward. A leg press machine offers many of the benefits of the squat without stressing the back.

Use your abdominal muscles to raise your feet in an arc to a position directly above your head. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions is complete. This is a useful exercise for the quads but it also works the hamstrings and glutes. These exercises done with high intensity will produce some of the biggest changes in your body compared to any of the new gadgets coming out on the market. All you need is your bodyweight, a broomstick, a medicine ball or a barbell to do them.

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