Lessons To Learn From Jodha-Akbar Controversy
Rekha • onEntertainment 11 years ago • 2 min read

1.Never dabble with historical events specially those that touch upon a caste or community in India

2.Muslims generally speaking are highly orthodox and narrow minded who have only one-way libralism-to convert other religion people to Islam and not vice versa.

3.Most of kings and rich people did have polygamous relations and if given choice,majority of such rich and corrupt people will even today go for a harem and multiple sexual relation.

4.Akbar was not so innocent as depicted in the movie Jodha Akbar. He was barbaric, greedy, imperialist and maintained a big harem of women.He did convert who so ever( Jodha or was some one else) was married to him to Islam and she was burried too by islamic tradition and not Hindu tradition.Akbar shed lot of blood and only at fag end of his life of lust for territory he realised futility of all.He did promote arts and music and even tried to run his own religion which did not click or else we would have had more serious inter religion fueds like we have with sikhs, muslims, hindus, christians and so many others pulling legs of each other.One more would have been added. The movie also showed fancy conclusion that Akbar had played role of uniting territory into Hindustan.It was actually contribution of British and not Akbar or any one else for that matter.

5.Rajputs or Marathas or any one else.All one by one succumbed to invaders,first Mughals and then British as indians are basically corrupt,dishonest and hypocrites,selfish,greedy and coward people full of rivalry and jealousy with each other's success. Rajputs too faught with each other all the time and ultimately with their own folk deceiving their kings,lost to clever planning and manipulations both by Mughals and British besides their superior military power and physical strength.

6.The movie Jodha is outright distortion depicting islamic rule of Akbar's time as being a great period of secularism, meanness of rajput kings and greatnes of an ordinary descendent of Mughal dynasty in India as being great champion of hindus,their religion and that the guy who like Rama belived in justice ,truth and ethics and was as monogamous as Rama. Can't be anything more joking than this.It is absurd.

The movie should be banned on this account itself. Forget the complaint of Rajputs.Their case is too weak.But movie is outright appeasement of muslim community.

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