Leucoderma Causes And Natural Treatment Of Vitiligo
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Leucoderma, also known as vitiligo, is a distressing skin condition. The word literally means white skin. There is a gradual loss of the pigment melanin from the skin layers which results in white patches. These patches look ugly, especially in persons with a dark complexion. The condition does not cause any organic harm. This disease is caused neither by any germs, nor is it due to bad blood. It is considered to be neither infectious nor contagious.

Causes of Leucoderma 1. Sunburn

  1. Mental worry or stress

  2. Heredity factors

  3. Physical illness

  1. Excessive thinking

  2. Chronic gastric problems

  3. Improper liver functions

  4. Worms/parasites in the digestive system

  5. Burns and injuries

Symptoms of Leucoderma

There would be Alopecia (Loss of hair), premature graying of hair. The whiteness generally starts as a small discolored white or pale or brown spot that spreads and becomes whiter day-after-day and finally becomes milky white. There might be general weakness and lassitude and a person has sensitivity towards cold. Hair on the spot also becomes white. Finally, white patches are the hallmark signs. Treatment of Leucoderma

The treatment of leucoderma is not certain. The cure is gloomy and the medical scientists are still in search of exact treatment. None of the treatment, as of now, is a surefire for treating such skinny conditions. White patches can be hidden making some cosmetic coats but again, it is not a permanent solution. However, here is the list of treatment of leucoderma that is in general practice –

Psoralen Photo-chemotherapy

Avoidance of consumption of citrus fruits, tamarinds, fishes, lobsters, crabs and prawns is advised as part of treatment.

Stop applying colored dyes

Autologous Melanocyte Transplants

Things to Avoid

Avoid using alkaline soap. Use neutral sap insead. Avoid pungent, spicy, too much ried and sour foods. Also avoid incompatiblefoods. Dring war kept in copper vessel, mung, rice, wheat; dry figs and pomegranate are advised.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma

  1. Psoralea seeds are found very beneficial in the treatment of Leucoderma. Seeds should be soaked in juice of ginger for 3 days, and dried and powdered. Then take 1 gram of the powder with fresh milk for 40 days.

  2. The ground seeds should be applied to white spots.

  3. Red clay found on hill slopes or riverside are also useful. They should be mixed with ginger juice and applied over white spots once a day.

  4. Drink water that has been kept overnight in a copper vessel.

  5. Combination of turmeric and mustard oil are also beneficial. About 500 grams of pounded turmeric should be soaked in 8 kilograms of water. Heat it till only 1 kilogram is left. Strain and add 500 grams of mustard oil and reheat till only oil is left behind. Apply it on the white patches every morning and evening for a month.

  6. Paste made form radish seeds and vinegar is valuable. 35 grams of the powdered seeds should be mixed with vinegar and applied on white patches.

  7. Psoralea and tamarind seeds should be soaked in water for 3-4 days. They should be dried, ground into paste and applied on the patches for a week.

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