Leucoderma Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies And Natural Cure Of Leucoderma
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Leucoderma is a situation in which the skin layers experience loss of skin-pigment. Also recognized as vitiligo, leucoderma causes white patches on the skin surface. It is more ordinary in women than in men and is mostly seen on the hands, neck, back and wrist. The word literally means white skin.

There is a gradual loss of the pigment melanin from the skin layers which results in white patches. These patches look ugly, especially in persons with a dark complexion. The situation does not reason any organic harm. This disease is caused neither by any germs, nor is it due to bad blood. It is considered to be neither infectious nor contagious.

Symptoms of Leucoderma

The trouble typically starts with a small white spot which later develops into patches. These patches are pale in the beginning, but become whiter and whiter as time passes by due to loss of pigment. As the spots enlarge, they merge into every other and, in course of time, form an extremely broad patch. In some cases, most of the skin of the body may be covered with white patches.

Causes of Leucoderma

The major causes for leucoderma are excessive mental worry and chronic or acute gastric disorder. Other cause involves impair hepatic purpose such as jaundice, worms or other parasites in the alimentary canal, typhoid, a defective perspiratory mechanism and burn injuries. It can too be the result of hereditary reasons. However, leucoderma can be treated using certain home remedies, several of which have been mentioned below. Leucoderma Home Remedies and Natural Cure

Leucoderma treatment using Psoralea

The best-know home remedy for leucoderma is the employ of seeds of psoralea (babchi). These seeds should be steeped in the juice of ginger for three days. The fluid should be renewed each day. The seeds should then be rubbed with the hands to remove the husks, dried in the shade and powdered. One gram of this powder should be taken each day with one cup of fresh milk for forty days incessantly. The ground seeds should also be applied to the white spots. Babchi seeds, combined with tamarind (tamarind) seeds are also useful. A same quantity of both the seeds should be steeped in water for three to four days. They should then be shelled and dried in the shade. They should be ground into paste and applied to the white patches for a week. If the application of this paste causes itching, or the white spots become red and a fluid begins to ooze out, this treatment should be discontinued.

Leucoderma treatment using Red Clay

Another helpful remedy for leucoderma is red clay found by the river side or on hill slopes. The clay should be mixed in ginger juice in a ratio of 1:1, and applied over the white spots once a day. The copper restricted in the clay seems to bring back skin pigmentation. Ginger juice also serves as a mild stimulant, facilitating increased blood flow to the spots. Drinking water kept overnight in a copper vessel will too assist.

Leucoderma treatment using Radish

A paste made from the seeds of the radish is valuable in treating leucoderma. About thirty-five grams of these seeds should be powdered in two teaspoons of vinegar and practical on the white patches.

Leucoderma treatment using Goose Foot

The use of goose foot is helpful in the treatment of this disease. This vegetable should be taken two times daily, in the morning as well as in the evening, for two months incessantly. Simultaneously, the juice of the leaves should be practical over the patches of leucoderma.

Leucoderma treatment using Turmeric

Turmeric mixed with mustard oil has also proved useful in leucoderma. About 500 gm of turmeric should be pounded and soaked in 8 litres of water at night. It should be boiled in the morning till only one litre of water is left, and then be strained and mixed with 500 ml of mustard oil. This combination should be heated till only the oil is left. It should then be strained and preserved in a bottle. The combination should be applied on the white patches each morning and evening for a few months.

Leucoderma Diet

Fast of juices followed by restricted diet of fresh fruits Constitutional measures should be adopted to cleanse the system of accumulated toxins. To begin with, the patient should undertake a fast of juices for about a week. After the juice fast, the patient may adopt a restricted diet consisting of fresh fruits, raw or steamed vegetables, and whole meal bread or wheat tortilla. Curd and milk may be added to this diet after a hardly any days.

Well-balanced diet

The patient may, thereafter, slowly embark upon a well-balanced diet of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits. This diet may be supplemented with cold-pressed vegetable oils, honey, and yeast.J uice fasting may be frequent at intervals of two months or so.

Avoid tea/coffee, polished rice, tinned or bottled foods etc. The patient should keep away from tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, all condiments and highly- flavoured dishes, sugar, white flour products, denatured cereals like polished rice and pearled barley, and tinned or bottled foods.

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