Leucorrhea Use Effective Natural Cure For Fungal Infection
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Leucorrhea or white vaginal discharge is natural defense system of vagina but excessive discharge may suggest presence of infection or other problems, herbal treatment can alleviate the situation without side effects and effectively.

Normally vaginal discharge is due to estrogen stimulation in the body, to keep vagina free of infections body of a female secretes fluid to keep it flexible and maintain healthy PH balance to prevent infections, and estrogen stimulation can cause increased flow. During pregnancy or after delivery or even during puberty many females face this problem which subsides on its own in most of the cases.

Use Effective White Vaginal Discharge Treatment

Ginger is very effective in treating the problem of allergies as it is famous for its anti-microbial property. It reduces the allergic symptoms very effectively and easily as it prevents the excess secretion of histamine.

Honey is also helpful in reducing the problem of allergies as against allergens, honey is very helpful in augmenting our body's resistance.

Garlic is also very effective in treating the problem of allergies. Garlic helps in relieving the problems of congestion caused due to allergies as it is a decongestant.

Eucalyptus is also very effective in treating the problem of allergies as it has expectorant properties. Even oil obtained from eucalyptus is also very effective in reducing the congestion by applying it on the chest. Nasal congestion is also easily reduced and cleared with its help. It also looses phlegm and protect from insect bite.

For effective treatment of leucorrhoea, banyan, asafetida, butea and henna leaves are also very effective. You can also prepare a decoction made from lavender, oak bark, yarrow etc. these are the helpful and effective herbal preparations for treating the problem of leucorrhoea.

Drinking plenty of water, good diet, enough sleep, doing regular exercises, and inhaling lots of air are very helpful and effective in treating the problem of leucorrhoea.

Fenugreek seeds are another popular natural remedy and for this; one can make a tea from fenugreek seeds. For this, simply put 2 tsp seeds in one liter water. Bring to a boil and let it simmer on low fire for about half an hour. Strain this potion and it is ready as a vaginal douche.

Prepare a decoction using fresh leaves of walnut tree and this is also a good vaginal douche for leucorrhea. The astringent chemicals found in the leaves are proven to heal menstrual conditions and also vaginal discharges.

Mango seeds are also good to stop discharge. For this, apply one teaspoon paste of decorticated kernel of mango inside the vaginal tract.

Self-help techniques should be adopted to get rid of the systemic toxicity, the primary cause of leucorrhoea. One should drink plenty of water, switch on to correct dietary habits, get good sleep, exercise and inhale a lot of fresh air. Fiber-based diet would cleanse the bowel properly.

To start with one has to live solely on lemon water or fruit juices for three or four days. This will help the body to get rid of the morbid matte. Bowel can be emptied with the help of suppositories or warm water enema. Moreover a proper hygiene is to be maintained. Wearing clean lingerie, suspending sexual relation until leucorrhea gets cured, are required.

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